Woah, This Beer Is 67.5 Percent And Is Available In The UK

What's your favourite drink when it comes to alcohol? We've all got our favourites and you'll have your long-running argument with that one mate who disagrees.

Beer, spirit or wine, there's almost too much choice. Ultimately, as long as it gets you to that care-free state where you forget that your boss is a pain in the arse, you could just be sipping back on anything with an alcoholic content.

But hold your horses because the Scottish-based Keith Brewery LTD has just launched a serious contender for the best beer ever.

The microbrewery has made the strongest beer in the world - and it's called Snake Venom. Luckily for us, there isn't actually any venom, from snakes or otherwise, in this beer. It's made with a dark ale and tastes like a spirit.

It's a whopping 67.5 percent ABV. That's a seriously cheeky number. You read that right. To put that into context, Tennent's Lager is four percent. Wine is around 10 percent.

Gin, tequila and vodka are around 40 percent. Snake Venom is 67.5%.

The only thing stronger than Snake Venom is absinthe, and that's 89 percent ABV and used to be so dangerous (and full of arsenic) that it made people hallucinate green fairies.

But Snake Venom isn't a spirit; it's a beer. And you won't hallucinate while drinking it, don't worry.

The beer comes with a letter of authentication to warn drinkers that this is no ordinary tipple; it's stronger than any beer you've ever tried before and it has to be drunk responsibly.

It's not cheap, though. One 330ml bottle costs £54.99. That's right. Not only is it the strongest beer you've ever tasted but it's also the most expensive.

Snake Venom
Snake Venom

But it's worth it. And it's not your usual beer experience either; it's so pricey and strong, you won't be gulping it down because you'll pass out.

A bottle of Snake Venom is to be shared with your mates. And, get this, you can drink it with ice in a special Snake Venom dram glass. Fancy.

The strongest beer in the world has been available to buy overseas for years - just not in its country of origin, which seems unfair. But it's on the market now in the UK. Keith Brewery LTD can produce up to 40,000 bottles of Snake Venom a month, but will that be enough for you? You can buy it here.

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