Boy Born Without A Brain Defies The Odds By Growing It Back

A boy who was born with just two percent of his brain is now six years old and living happily, despite what doctors had warned.

In an incredible turn of events, Noah Wall's brain 'grew back' over the years, reaching 80 percent when he was just three.

But the outlook was not so positive during the pregnancy. Not only had Noah developed almost no brain matter in the womb, but he also had spina bifida, giving him very little chance of surviving.

It was for these reasons that doctors asked Noah's parents, Shelley and Rob, from Cumbria, if they wanted to terminate the pregnancy - not once, but five times.

Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV
Credit: Good Morning Britain/ITV

However, they were determined not to take that option, even in the face of doctors sketching out the worst case scenario.

"If younger people were offered that choice, they may have felt pressured into taking it," explained Rob, who also has two daughters with Shelley.

"But because we're older parents, we know our own mind and we're positive people. So we wanted to give Noah the chance of life."

Clearly the choice has paid off - Noah can do all the things doctors expected he wouldn't be able to, such as talk, hear, see and smile.

While many people believe Noah's brain has grown back, some speculate whether it had actually just been squashed into a small space and gradually expanded after a shunt was fitted.

Noah and his family. Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain
Noah and his family. Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain

"Even if his brain had been so squashed up, he'd be severely mentally disabled because of all that damage and look at him - he's as bright as a button," said Rob.

Against the odds, Noah has exceeded all expectations. But it doesn't end there - in fact this is only the beginning for the family, who have been over to Australia to discuss a treatment called 'neurophysics', which is a mixture of physiotherapy and cognitive exercises.

Although Noah's currently too young for the treatment, he has been assessed so that he's prepared for when he is old enough. And little Noah's set his sight on learning how to surf when that day comes.

Hats off to Noah and his family - no doubt this kid will continue to wow us in the years to come.

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain

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