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July 5th 2016 Shares

Some Of These Moron Cyclists Will Piss You Off For The Rest Of The Day

Claire Reid in videos

Nothing divides opinion in London quite like cyclists (except for maybe Boris), but whether you love them or loath them, you've got to admit that this collection of cyclists are the epitome of stupid.

The montage, titled 'Cyclists are Weird', was uploaded by TheBabblingBiker and shows a collection of cyclists running red lights, using their phones and performing some pretty terrifying manoeuvres - all set to some pretty nice music.

Credit: TheBabblingBiker

As the head-cam footage shows, these cyclists are quite happy to put their lives at risk. Amazingly, no one is hurt in any of these clips and will all go on to cycle another day.

But the main thing is the motorcyclist and his pretty chill attitude on the whole, pointing out all the properly stupid actions of most of the bikers on his video.

Words Claire Reid

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