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July 11th 2016 Shares

Russian Police Officer Gets Fired After Sharing Her Sexy Video With Colleagues

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Credit: YouTube

I remember at the last place I worked, I forwarded an email thread to half the office with my piss-poor attempts at flirting with a colleague from a different department. People quoted it to me for about three months.

Since then I've always tried to be as professional as possible in work. Unlike Kristina, here, a 26-year-old police officer from Russia. She made a video of herself performing an erotic dance and decided to share it with her colleagues.

Credit: YouTube

Unsurprisingly, Kristina was sacked from the Moscow Metro police force after managers saw the footage.

The clip starts with the busty cop saying: "Hi colleagues, I have decided to create a trade union, now watch me dancing." I can understand now why my dad always went along to those trade union meetings.

Credit: YouTube

Viewers have said that she may be drunk when she made the clip, but Katrina denies this and says she's undergone a blood test to prove it.

She got angry online after it was revealed she got fired. She said online: "I was fired because of a violation of discipline. I posted the video in a private community on Facebook, all community members were police officers." I think that was the problem, Katrina.

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