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July 4th 2016 Shares

Terrifying Footage Shows Man Performing Stunts On Top Of A Train

Claire Reid in videos

The commute to work can be pretty boring; you can make it a bit more interesting by popping in your headphones and tuning out, or maybe you like to read. What you don't want to do to spice up your commute is what this guy in India does...

The idiot daredevil can be seen ducking to avoid the high-voltage electricity cables as the train travels at speeds of 37mph. And, to be fair to him, he does a good job of not killing himself, although there are definitely a few near misses.


Naturally, he draws quite the crowd of observers who can be seen watching through the open door of the carriages below.

The footage was filmed near Mumbra, Maharashtra, and appears to be filmed by someone in a train running parallel to the one with the wannabe stunt man.

The man is, as of yet, unidentified but the local police are particularly keen to find out his identity and make contact after the video has been passed around on social media.

Similar stunts to this have been performed elsewhere, more often than not with deadly results. In May, one man was electrocuted and died after running along the top of a train in China.

Words by Claire Reid

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