Creepy 'Ghost' Figure Filmed Calmly Walking Along Promenade During Hurricane Florence

As if Hurricane Florence weren't stressful enough, now the residents of Pawleys Island in South Carolina have a shady spectre to deal with. At least, that's what some are speculating after watching this video:

A pair of YouTube 'ghosters' who go by the name of Ghost Guys Go (you can follow them on Facebook here) claim the apparition seen in the video is the 'Gray Man Ghost of Pawleys Island' - local storm folklore that says anyone who spots the figure will have their home spared of devastation by extreme weather.

Legend has it that the Gray Man is the ghost of a sailor who was travelling back to Pawleys Island to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage.

However, in a cruel twist of fate the storm threw his horse into quicksand, where he and his animal died before he could propose.

Credit: Ghost Guys Go/YouTube
Credit: Ghost Guys Go/YouTube

The woman later came across his ghost, who warned her to leave the island and when she left and then returned, she discovered her family's house was still intact. Sightings of the ghost have been chronicled in TV shows since as early as 1956.

So yeah, there's not exactly hard evidence of this story's legitimacy - but whatever side you fall on when it comes to the supernatural, there's no denying the video above is a little creepy.

You can blame a trick of the light, smudge on the lens or extreme weather, but you don't even need to squint to see an apparition of a goddamn man walking across that pier. Eerie!

Credit: Ghost Guys Go/YouTube
Credit: Ghost Guys Go/YouTube

The Ghost Guys Go team were keen to point out that while many of their videos were actually intended for parody, they had no reason to doubt the veracity of this one.

Jim McClency of GGG told LADbible: "Sometimes simpleminded people/villagers question our abilities as Real Life Professional Ghosters, but this particular clip is totally legit as far as we know. We were just lucky enough to get it first."

So there you go.

Of course, the fear factor doesn't reach the levels of the hurricane itself which, according to the Mail Online, has left 31 people dead with the death toll expected to rise as experts warn that the next week could bring the most destructive flooding in North Carolina's history.

State governor Roy Cooper has said the storm is still an immediate danger: "Some areas have not seen the worst flooding yet. This is a monumental disaster for our state."

"If you are refusing to leave during this mandatory evacuation, you need to do things like notify your legal next of kin because the loss of life is very, very possible," added Mayor Mitch Colvin.

In other words, get out of there while you still can. Even if you do get a visit from the Gray Man!

Featured Image Credit: Ghost Guys Go

Daisy Phillipson

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