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This Pig Hates Vacuum Cleaners So Much, He Learned To Unplug Them

This Pig Hates Vacuum Cleaners So Much, He Learned To Unplug Them

Cuteness overload!

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home... and unplugged the vacuum cleaner because he hates them so much.

Arnold the pig is a house pet and therefore, he's pretty domesticated. But there's one thing he doesn't like - and that's the sound of vacuum cleaners.

Arnold hates vacuum cleaners so much, he's learned how to unplug them at the wall, making cleaning the house a difficult task for his owner. Watch in the video below.

The video was posted by his owner to the Instagram account @poshlittleoinklets, which shares updates about the lives of four pet pigs living in Colorado, US.

Born in January 2020, Arnold is nearly two-years-old, so he's definitely in his mischievous phase of life. He lives with his 'piglings' Pearl, Ruby and Ollie.

Arnold is a mini-pig, so he'll grow to a height of between 36-50cm and can weigh anywhere between 23-68kg fully grown.

Arnold's owner posted a video of her and Arnold on Instagram recently and told followers who his name was inspired by:

"As a kid I always wanted a pet pig. I used to watch reruns of the 1960s show Green Acres and I wanted to be the main character Lisa and live on a farm with a pig SO BAD.

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"This is who Arnold was named after, Arnold Ziffel, the pig from Green Acres. Ollie is short for Oliver and that's the name of the husband on the show."

Arnold and his siblings are quite the influencers, with more than 55,000 followers on Instagram. They've also appeared on the TV show The Greatest At Home Videos.

According to Instagram, Arnold is also good at slamming doors. He's clearly got attitude, but like his siblings, he loves a cuddle and a scratch too. Cuteness overload!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@poshlittleoinklets

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