Why Are Lawrence And Zak Jack From TikTok Feuding?


Why Are Lawrence And Zak Jack From TikTok Feuding?

A couple of influential TikTok creators, who have been close friends since January, are now feuding and nobody really understands why. So we're here to try and help you make sense of it.

Lawrence (@lawrencetiktok90) is a British TikTok star who mainly posts about his weight loss journey. He's got 3 million followers on the platform.

Lawrence is friends with another British TikTok creator known by fans as Zak Jack (@zakjackk). Zak joined TikTok in January 2021 and now has more than 100,000 followers.

Why are Lawrence and Zak Jack feuding?


It's a long story - and like most social media feuds, it started with some leaked messages.

According to TikTok user @delyth.azalea, the fallout between the two began when Zak's mum, Gale, messaged a TikTok channel called Don't Hold Back (DHB), which creates videos about TikTok influencers and their drama. The messages, where she claims that Lawrence is a bully, got leaked.

DHB did a live video where they talked about TikTokers' "merch" and "lazy merch" and TikTokers who put their Amazon wish lists in their bios.

TikTok. (Credit: Unsplash/Solen Feyissa)
TikTok. (Credit: Unsplash/Solen Feyissa)

Lawrence saw the livestream and took it personally (as he includes links to merch and wish lists in his bio), even though it wasn't aimed at anybody in particular, as lots of TikTok influencers do this. Lawrence came onto the livestream and accused DHB of bullying.

This is when Gale messaged DHB and thanked them for "standing up" to Lawrence in the livestream as, according to her, nobody else will.

Gale then told DHB "her own story," according to @delyth.azalea, who's published three videos on her TikTok channel to explain the drama.

During the message to DHB, Gale claimed that Lawrence is "obsessive and controlling over Zack" and that Lawrence has "no close friends" and his family don't speak to him either.


@delyth.azalea then cited a number of posts on the gossip forum, from people claiming to be Lawrence's school friends and family members, saying that Lawrence is a bully.

Somebody claiming to be Lawrence's cousin said on there that Lawrence's family doesn't associate with him or his mother, who they claim is an alcoholic and narcissistic, according to @delyth.azalea. This so-called cousin also said that Lawrence's mum had a big falling out with her sister.

So essentially, some of Lawrence's alleged family members started airing their dirty laundry on social media.

You can watch the clip from @delyth.azalea below.


The second part of @delyth.azalea's explainer videos has been taken down from TikTok, but from what she says in part three, we gather that a lot of people have now been trolling Zak and Gale because of what Gale said to DHB in the messages., which led to Lawrence and Zak falling out and things just escalated from there.

Lawrence and Zak Jack address the drama

In a joint video where Lawrence and Zak address the drama, Zak said "neither of us should be getting any hate, it's a private [matter]."


"So as you are aware, there have been videos and rumours going round about me and Zak today by a certain 'Don't Hold Back?'" Lawrence said. He added that there's been a "breach of confidentiality" because the videos went up without his, Zak's or his family's permission.

"As some of you are aware, me and Lawrence have fallen out. You'd know from us unfollowing each other and comments, stuff like that." Zak said. "We're not friends, but we just need to address this situation and clear some rumours."

The pair then went on to squish the rumours which have been spread around and deny that they're true.

"Now people fall out all the time, and you should be entitled to a private life," added Lawrence. "Me and Zak fell out. We decided to no longer be friends. That's our choice. What was said on them messages was taken out of [context]," he said.

Zak explained that he's messaged the person who leaked the DMs several times to remove them and he hasn't.

Zak is now taking a break from social media following all of the drama.

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