What Is The TikTok Baked Beans Trend?

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What Is The TikTok Baked Beans Trend?

The majority of TikTok trends are fun and harmless, but a new one which has been termed 'beaning' has led to police intervention in the UK.

Police in some counties have urged shops to refuse the sale of baked beans to youths, after the baked bean trend went viral on TikTok.

What is the baked bean trend on TikTok?

'Beaning' is one of the latest pranks circulating on the app and, as the name suggests, it involves pranksters grabbing a tin of baked beans and smearing them across somebody's front door step.


The pranksters then run away and watch to see if somebody slips on them.

The people taking part in the prank are dubbing themselves the #BEANBANDITS on TikTok.

Videos with the hashtag #BeanBandits have had more than 1.5 million views on TikTok and counting.

The trend was started in the UK, with baked beans such a staple in most people's store cupboards, but it's since spread around the world. In countries where baked beans aren't available, people are using alternatives such as kidney beans or pinto beans.


This video from TikTok user @bean,bandits has seen more than 190,000 likes.

While some found it funny, others called out the pranksters.

One user said, "we'll see a ring [doorbell] video on Facebook soon."


Another said, "not rly funny bro ur putting beans on a doorstep some poor kid is gunna have to clean that bro like cmon now."

"Waste of food," another said.

Police have had to step in in the village on Wonersh in Lancashire after a group of 'bean bandits' went on a rampage one evening, covering several doorsteps and cars in beans.

They've released CCTV footage of the pranksters and have said:


"Local officers have received reports of incidents in Wonersh where beans and other food has been poured onto resident's front doors and cars overnight.

"The victims are understandably distressed by this unacceptable behaviour.

"If something similar has happened to you or you know anything that could assist with identifying persons responsible please let us know."

Shopkeepers in the area have been urged to ban the sale of baked beans to kids while this trend blows over.

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