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What Is The TikTok Magnet Challenge?


What Is The TikTok Magnet Challenge?

As the TikTok Grace Kelly trend enjoys a revival, this new 'magnet challenge' has exploded on the platform.

It's called the TikTok magnet challenge, and it'll make you feel like you've gone back to primary school.

Collectively, videos with the hashtag #magneticballs have been viewed more than 46.8 million times. A lot of these videos are also tagged #satisfying - and you'll see why.

Here's everything you need to know about the magnet challenge.


What is the TikTok magnet trend?

The trend which is taking UK TikTokers by storm revolves around these magnetic balls, a types of fidget toy which comes in a variety of colours.

TikTok users are creating things, pretending to have piercings, and everything in between with these small magnetic silver balls.

Here's an example below from TikTok user @magneticballz, which has had nearly 40,000 likes.


This person went one step further and even created an animation with their magnetic balls characters.

This video has received more than 15,000 likes.


What is the Covid magnetic challenge on TikTok?

There's another magnet challenge floating about on TikTok, where people who have just had their COVID-19 vaccine attempt to stick magnets to the injection site.

TikTokers are convinced the jab makes their arm magnetic, but I'm afraid it's just a hoax.

It's funny to watch though, as all sorts of weird items are being used to test the theory.


This TikTok user sets the record straight, however, and proves that her fridge magnet only stuck to her arm with tape.

"I'm all for questioning the government, questioning the system," she said. "But you're just being a crazy conspiracy theorist, it's not true."

The trend comes as Nicki Minaj came under fire for spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine and swollen testicles on Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@melissadesm/@magneticballz

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Laura Sanders
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