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This Pug On TikTok Is Predicting People’s Futures

Laura Sanders


This Pug On TikTok Is Predicting People’s Futures

Social media users go crazy for cute and funny animals, but this pug on TikTok is more than just a pretty face.

Noodle is a 13-year-old pug from New York with three-million followers on TikTok. Users of the app are going to him for their daily horoscopes.

Basically, Noodle is an old dog and each morning, her owner, Jonathan, wakes Noodle and sees if she's 'woken up with bones.' Noodle obviously does have bones, but some days, she's just too tired to get up and she's all floppy when Jonathan picks her up. That's what a no bones day is.

Noodle's followers are now using this as a premise for how their own day will go. If Noodle wakes up with bones, it's a good day. But if Noodle wakes up with no bones (again, not really), Jonathan advises their followers to take it easy and practice self-care.

"Good morning everyone and welcome back to yet another round of 'no bones', the game where we find out if my 13-year-old pug woke up with bones. And as a result, we'll find out what kind of day we'll have," said Jonathan in a TikTok video on 21st October.

"Now, Noodle had a long day yesterday," he said. "So we will see how this goes." Jonathan helps Noodle up from her bed and a sleepy looking Noodle just flops back down.

Laughing, Jonathan determines that "okay, it's a no bones day, but that's not a bad thing. Today we reclaim the no bones day as a day for kindness and self-care and just listening to what you need," he says as he strokes Noodle in her bed.

"Wear soft pants today," he advises. "No hard pants on a no bones day. Do the sheet mask, say no to plans. If Beth calls and says, you know, 'come to Legoland with me and my kids,' you know, just feel free to say 'Beth ,you know I love you but it's a no bones day and little Carl always kicks me when I'm around and you know I think little Jeffrey was born without a moral compass and I just don't have the bones for them today.' You can say that, it's fine."

Millions are heading to Jonathan's TikTok to find out what kind of day Jonathan and his adorable pug Noodle will have, and subsequently, what kind of day they'll have. Noodle has even appeared on NBC's Today Show.

"I already knew when I hit the snooze button this morning that it wasn't a bones day," one user commented.

"How do I turn on 'bones' and 'no bones' notifications?" another asked.

"My daughter literally called me this morning (on the phone) and told me it was a no bones day because it's raining," said one confused mother.

Jonathan and Noodle's horoscopes have even attracted big brands, movie stars and NFL teams.

Amazon Prime Video said: "Time to get cozy y'all, no bones about it!!"

"I just don't have the bones for Thursday," said TikTok's official account.

Even the Game Of Thrones account commented with, "When you play the game of bones, you either win or you lie," to which Jonathan replied: "Have yet to receive an ask to cast Noodle as the young Queen of Thorns in the new GOT show..." How pawsome would that be?

"Don't go to Legoland with Beth," joked the Chicago Bears NFL team account.

So, next time you're not feeling work, just ring your boss and tell them you can't come in because it's a no bones day.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@showmenoodz

Topics: Cute Pets, Dogs, TikTok

Laura Sanders
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