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Adorable Pooch Drags Bed Over To Poorly Brother

Adorable Pooch Drags Bed Over To Poorly Brother

An adorable pooch was caught on camera dragging his bed over to his poorly brother to make sure he was comfy. What did we do to deserve dogs?

Super cute Pit Bull Roman and Spanky live in Hopatcong, New Jersey, with their owner Jill Rogers.

Jill told UNILAD the pair have been 'best friends' since the day they met and are now inseparable, explaining: "From the day we brought Spanky home he was infatuated with Roman. He bonded with him so tightly and does not like to be far from him."


Earlier this month, eight-year-old Roman's ear became infected, so Jill took him off to the vets who said it was a hematoma.

He was scheduled surgery but was left feeling pretty uncomfortable while waiting. The pain was so bad, that Jill even took him to the vets four days before his surgery to see if there was any way he could be treated sooner, but the vet reassured her Roman would be OK.

Spanky, six, soon realised that his big brother was sick and started to be gentler around him.

"Spanky is not normally gentle," Jill told UNILAD. "He is like a big moose but when Roman wasn't feeling good, he was so gentle with him. He didn't try to rough house or play with him like normal."

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And his gentle nature didn't end there, the family set up a camera in their home so they could keep an eye on their pooches while they were out at work and it was through this camera they saw the very sweet interaction between the pair.


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In the clip Spanky can be seen looking over Roman, before getting up and dragging his bed towards him. In a second clip the two little cuties can be seen all snuggled up together on the bed.

After watching back the footage, Jill said she 'couldn't believe' what she was seeing, adding: "[I] watched it a million times! It was just so wholesome and melted my heart." Mine, too, Jill - mine, too.


You'll be pleased to know that Roman has now had his surgery and one-week on he is already doing 'much better'.

Jill said: 'He is back to his happy self." I'm sure Spanky is relieved.

Featured Image Credit: Jill Rogers/@ roman_spanky

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