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Wild Dolphins Give Tourists In Boat An Unbelievable Show

Wild Dolphins Give Tourists In Boat An Unbelievable Show

Good news, if you know the right place to go, you can watch a dolphin show as impressive as at SeaWorld without having to deal with screaming kids or the victimisation of intelligent mammals.

Since the release of the film Blackfish, there has been a growing belief amongst a large number of people that sea dwelling mammals shouldn't be cooped up in tiny tanks and forced to perform in front of gawking tourists.

In fact, after the film's release, SeaWorld announced that it was ending it's breeding programme for Orca whales, and travel company Thomas Cook has stopped selling tickets to once-popular water parks such as SeaWorld, and Loro Parque in the Canary Islands.


That doesn't mean that your chances of seeing dolphins doing the mad stuff they do there are gone, though. It turns out that they actually enjoy doing that stuff in the wild.

Video footage was posted online by the Instagram account Whales & Orcas with the caption: "No need to buy a ticket to this dolphin show in Croatia! It's free!"

It looks absolutely sick as well. The dolphins are throwing themselves out of the sea and doing backflips and the like, all completely without the need to be plied with treats of fish and trained by humans.

As it happens, there is no need to keep them captive in a tiny tank. It's almost as if they are intelligent creatures who don't deserve to be puppets in a cruel and cynical money-making enterprise based upon their natural abilities.

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If you'll excuse the awful nautical pun, the tide is turning recently for the orcas and dolphins (fun fact: orcas aren't whales at all, but really big dolphins) as it has been reported that visitor numbers at SeaWorld's various parks are dropping dramatically.

On top of ending their breeding programme, they are not going to go into the wild with the intent of capturing any more Orcas either. Furthermore, the Orcas that they do have are going to be performing less theatrical performances.

This might all have come a bit late for poor Tilikum, who was the unfortunate cetacean that became the subject of Blackfish, he died back in 2017.


However, it is in part because of his story that all of this is happening, which means that dolphins and killer whales that are out in the wild can continue to hunt, exists, and simply dick about like these ones in the video.

Exactly like they're supposed to.

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