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Golden Retriever Who 'Adopted' Bunnies Has More Than 100,000 Subscribers On YouTube

Golden Retriever Who 'Adopted' Bunnies Has More Than 100,000 Subscribers On YouTube

A golden retriever who has 'adopted' a load of bunnies has amassed more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Bailey, who lives in Costa del Sol in Spain (the lucky thing), has melted hearts on the platform, with the video below alone receiving almost eight million views.

The video is captioned: "Cute Baby Bunnies 22 days old think the Golden Retriever is their Mother! Look at how little rabbits lay near Bailey they probably decided that the dog is their mother. We hope you enjoyed this video."


Bailey of course isn't their mother - first of all, he's a dog, and second of all, he's a he.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Bailey's owner Taras said he believed the bunnies treat the pooch like a parent 'because he is very kind to them and he loves them very much'.

Stop it Taras, this is all too much.


Taras added: "The bunnies always share their food with Bailey and he even steals hay from them."

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Why a golden retriever might want or need hay remains unclear though.

In a bonus heartwarming twist, the bunnies do actually still have a real mum, who they live with. The mother rabbit, named Charlotte, was saved 'from the hands of people who catch rabbits in private homes'.


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Taras said: "Bailey has looked after them from the day they were born. This beautiful story from the day they were born is documented on our channel."

Clearly, you are gonna want to subscribe to this channel, which you can find here.

Bailey isn't the only golden retriever making a big impact in 2020 though. Back in February, golden retriever Finley broke the record for highest number of tennis balls held in a dog's mouth at one time, and this record was officially recognised by Guinness World Records at the end of May.


The six-year-old dog from Ontario County, New York, managed to fit a whopping six balls inside his mouth at one time, beating the previous Guinness World Record holder of five.

Good boy.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/This Is Bailey

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