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People Are Falling In Love With A Labrador That Is Changing Colour

People Are Falling In Love With A Labrador That Is Changing Colour

A leopard may never change its spots, but a Labrador can change its colour, apparently

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

There are so many fantastic dogs in this world, and sadly, there simply isn't enough time to meet them all.

Thankfully though, social media enables us to admire exceptional across the planet from afar, such as Blaze.

A picture of the unique Labrador was shared in the popular Facebook group 'Dogspotting Society' where it received more than 32,000 well-deserved likes from besotted dog lovers across the planet.

Clearly, what makes the 10-year-old so special is his distinctive mottled black and white coat, which most likely sets him apart from any Lab you've ever seen.

Until about a year ago, the handsome fella was a fairly ordinary looking - but still gorgeous - black Labrador.

Blaze used to look like an ordinary black Labrador.

However, his owner Santeri noticed a white patch develop on his ear and these soon started to spread across his body. Now, his head and shoulders are more white than black.

Fear not though, for Blaze is as healthy as ever, with his evolving coat merely a consequence of vitiligo, a condition more commonly associated with people, whereby skin loses its pigment.

Santeri said his new look had earned him a few nicknames though.

Speaking to Bored Panda, he said: "The white colour began spreading from a small spot on his ear. Interestingly, all of his brothers and sisters still remain single-coloured.

"He is 10-years-old now, and has received a few nicknames because of his age, like 'the old man' and 'the funny old man'."

But contrary to what the nicknames might suggest, Blaze enjoys getting out and about in Finland just as much as ever.

He said: "Blaze is a healthy and very energetic guy. He's always ready to join you wherever you go. He likes to make people happy and put a smile on their faces."

Well, mission accomplished there Blaze.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/blazethedog

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