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Vegan Protester Dresses Up As A Cow And Mourns Meat Section In Supermarket

Vegan Protester Dresses Up As A Cow And Mourns Meat Section In Supermarket

The woman was eventually kicked out of the store.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Animal rights and welfare activists have been ramping up efforts to make the world aware of the often-brutal processes involved in killing animals.

One vegan protestor has made a 'powerful' video by dressing up in a cow onesie and walking to an Aussie supermarket.

The woman slowly walked through the Perth grocer until she arrived at the meat section, dropped to her knees and seemingly mourned the deaths of the animals that went into some of the products.

She held a packet of sausages, paused as if she was thinking of every chicken, pig or cow that had to die in order to produce the meat, then bowed her head, before she put it back on the shelf.

The protestor then lies on the ground and holds up a placard that reads: "You've been lied to. YouTube Dominion."

The documentary 'highlights the inherent cruelty of the industry, speciesism. So that's all we're trying to project', according to one activist.

Dominion was released last year and included secret camera and drone footage of farm practices that are pretty confronting to watch.

She's been applauded by her supporters, with one person saying: "So good! Take a red circle or what looks like a puddle of blood to put under you too?"

Stef Rose/Facebook

Several people also labelled it as a 'powerful' move that is very emotive.

A spokesperson for the Woolsworth store told the Daily Mail that the protestor was kicked out of the store because of the stunt, adding: "The individuals were asked to leave by a team member and did so."

Perth is no stranger to vegan protests: a group stood outside a restaurant in May to yell at diners about their food.

"Chicks are blended alive in a macerator or gassed to death simply because they don't produce eggs," one woman yelled.

"Male calves are slaughtered as young as six weeks old simply because they don't produce milk.

"Animals don't want better lives, they want freedom. We have a choice the animals don't."

The diners don't look one bit interested or impressed that their evening out is being interrupted by someone shouting about how animals die.

Don't get us wrong, they're giving the same look when a busker walks past looking for some spare change, but it's not exactly the thing you want to see when you're having a nice meal.

They posted their walk through on Facebook, which was been met with praise and scorn.

Featured Image Credit: Stef Rose/Facebook

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