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This Cat Eats Like It's A Hungry Hippo

This Cat Eats Like It's A Hungry Hippo

The video was posted on to Twitter and people couldn't help but make the spot on comparison

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Cats are weird and wonderful creatures, aren't they? If you don't agree then just take a look at this one that eats like a Hungry Hippo:

The kitty's owner, a public defender from Philadelphia called Luke, posted the video on Twitter mocking the moggy for its eating habit - namely opening its mouth as wide as possible in a bid to shovel as much food in as it can, much like the animals in classic kids' game Hungry Hungry Hippos.

The nosediving cat impressively manages to move all of the dry food inside the bowl as it shares it's food with another cat.

Its black-furred counterpart looks utterly horrified to see it going to town, before looking towards the person capturing the moment on camera.

'OK enough now, wtf...'

Since it was posted on Saturday (13 June), the video has had 180,000 retweets and over 560,000 likes. Luke captioned the 15 second clip: "What in the world kind of pig cat eats like this."

The comparisons to Hungry Hippos arrived quickly. One person commented: "I can only assume that this cat learnt to eat after playing Hungry Hippos. Skills." Another wrote: "Giving hungry hungry hippos a bad name."

The hungry kitty was compared to classic kids' game Hungry Hungry Hippos.
Smyths Toys

It spurred people to send videos of their own cats behaving in a similar, bizarre manner, while others compared the tabby to a JCB.

One person wrote: "Me, pre-Covid, coming home from a night drinking & discovering we still have some Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the house." Another added: "The black cat backs up like, whoa absolutely appalled, bruh."

One put simply: "This is amazing." Hit the nail on the head there.

However, when you carry on reading the replies things take a bit of a turn because, apparently, this is something cats do when they've been homeless and are trying to protect their food. My heart.

Explaining the practice, one person wrote: "If a cat has been feeding for itself outdoors before it finds a home, this happens. When they finally get regular food their instincts are to gorge. It causes extreme weight gain. I feed mine in different spots for that very reason. They learn that no one is coming for their food."

Someone else added to this, suggesting: "I rescued a dog who was abandoned & nearly starved to death. He acted like this with his food. Heartbreaking. Give him his own bowl in a separate place. No competition."

Luke, please protect this cat with every ounce of your being. What an angel.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@tramL116

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