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Woman Has Spent More Than £20,000 On Designer Clothing For Her Chihuahuas

Woman Has Spent More Than £20,000 On Designer Clothing For Her Chihuahuas

A woman says she's spent more than £20,000 ($25,089) on designer clothing for her chihuahuas - and she doesn't regret a penny.

It's only the best for Leone's pups. Credit: SWNS
It's only the best for Leone's pups. Credit: SWNS

Leone Galler, from Rochester, Kent, treats three-year-old white chihuahua Romeo and four-year-old chihuahua and Bichon mix Reggie like royalty.

As well as owning a wardrobe packed with posh clobber any of us would envy (but none of us would fit) the pair of pooches are also fed steak every day and only drink sparkling water - 'cause you know, they find tap water a bit gross.


On average, 53-year-old Leone reckons she spends around £80 ($100) on their food each month, £45 ($56) on each of their regular grooming sessions, and about £300 ($376) a month on cashmere jumper and silk jackets covered in Swarovski crystals.

So, the burning question, why?

Speaking to the Metro, she said: "They love to be dressed in Furdrobe clothes all made with luxurious fabrics.


"I started dressing them in jumpers as they are so small they do feel the cold. They love to wear luxury bows and jackets. You can actually see Romeo smiles when he is in expensive clothing.

"They refuse tap water. One day I had a glass of sparkling water on the side and they started drinking it. That's when I realised [that's what they wanted].

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"I will always do what is best for my dogs, and we have the money so why not? We don't spend as much on ourselves as our dogs."

OK then, no more questions your honour.


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If you think this is all a bit ludicrous, then it's probably best you don't read on, as this tale has a tragic twist.

Yep, poor little Reggie's wedding has been cancelled because of this flippin' pandemic. He was engaged to a white maltipom who models for designer dog clothing Furdrobe. He 'met' Delia, who lives in Palm Beach, USA, on Insta and they were due to get married at a swanky hotel in Florida in September, but that's now off.


First the Olympics, then Glastonbury, now Reggie and Delia's wedding.

Don't worry though, the canine couple are now hoping to tie the knot next April.

If you wanna keep up with all the latest in Romeo and Reggie's lives, you can of course follow them on Instagram.

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