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Woman Left In Stitches After Her Dog Steals Mum's False Teeth

Woman Left In Stitches After Her Dog Steals Mum's False Teeth

This video is definitely worth your time

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A dog owner was left in stitches after her cheeky mutt managed to get hold of a set of false teeth and put them into his own mouth.

Stacie Owen's little Jackapoo dog Milo has recently learned to open drawers, and it turns out that he plans on using this newly acquired skill to get himself into mischief.

When he managed to get into a particular drawer that held Stacie's mum's dentures, he managed to get them into his mouth in such a way that they looked as if he was giving everyone a toothy grin.

It's absolutely hilarious, to be fair.

You've got to feel for Stacie's mum who probably has had to disinfect her false teeth very thoroughly, but it certainly gave Stacie - and the thousands she's shared the video with online - a bit of a giggle.

Storyful/Stacie Owens

Stacie realised that something was going on when she couldn't hear the wee dog doing anything. That - as every dog owner knows - usually means they're asleep, or getting up to no good.

Anyway, when Stacie noticed that her Llandudno home had gone suspiciously quiet she went to try to find Milo and see what he was up to.

As she searched the house, she discovered that Milo had managed to get himself into her mothers' bedroom, open up her bedside chest of drawers, and stumble upon her dentures inside.

Mercifully, she started filming the action. That's a public service she's done for all of us.

Milo even looks at one stage as if he's posing for the pictures, enjoying the attention, and the fact that he looks like he's wearing a goofy toothy smile.

Stroyful/Stacie Owens

In fact, he looks a bit like a strange Jim Henson creation, doesn't he?

Stacie explained: "I wondered why he went quiet and found him in the bedroom with my mum's old dentures,

"He likes to hold things in his mouth, he feels very proud when he has something. Whenever we go on a walk he will always bring something home."

Since she uploaded the video to Facebook,it's been shared more than 6,600 times, received 1,800 reactions, and at least 2,000 people have commented on it.

That's a lot of people getting a decent laugh out of Milo's antics.

Storyful/Stacie Owens

One person commented: "Funniest thing I've seen in years.. I'm actually crying."

Another added: "The laughter is as hilarious as the doggie."

Seriously, if you need something to cheer you up on a grim Monday afternoon, this is it.

Featured Image Credit: Storyful/Stacie Owen

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