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An Interview With Licking Guy, The YouTube Hero Who Licks Stuff

An Interview With Licking Guy, The YouTube Hero Who Licks Stuff

Hi Licking Guy. So tell me, how did you become Licking Guy?

"Good question. I became Licking Guy after getting drunk one night with my friends. My friend Michael asked me to go lick something, so I did. After I finished licking, a crowd was cheering me on as a hero."


If any of this sounds familiar, it's probably because we called Licking Guy a hero when we wrote an article about him last week. It's obvious that this YouTube curio has a certain effect on people the first time they see him ply his craft.

From his very first lick (the state building in Boston, Massachusetts), to his latest (a train), folks have thought the same thing.

But are the licks just for the hero status? Or is there a bigger pull?

"I really enjoy the whole rush. The excitement of getting to the target makes my adrenaline go way up."

His targets are everywhere; wind turbines in the desert, freight trains by the highway. He even licked a T-Rex statue, which I know to be on the drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs.


So Licking Guy, you're in California right?

"I'm from southern California but I do my licks all over the country. I've been to Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, and I obviously do a lot of licks in state."

I can roughly guess the location of the wind turbine you lick, because you say you drove 80 miles to get there. Unless you live in the desert, you've got to be near LA County?

"I'm between Los Angeles and San Diego."

Can you tell me the town, or is that classified?

"I have to keep that classified right now. That's why I have the mask on."

I understand. When you don't have the mask on, who are you?

"I'm an IT guy, I build websites. I work from home."

Are you single? Married?

"I'm engaged."

Does your fiancée know you're the Licking Guy?

"Yes, she does."

What does she think about it?

"At first, she was like 'that's a little weird - it's not like you'. So I just told her I get a rush from it. Other than that I'm not really into anything crazy."

This claim might seem a little disingenuous seeing as Licking Guy goes out of his way to lick large structures while wearing a balaclava, but he's got a point: There's nothing unlawful about licking.

Although that's not to say there haven't been any problems.

"I was followed by the police while licking the wind turbine. I've been approached by people after licking things - I tell them it's all for my YouTube channel. As far as the licking being illegal? It's not against the law."

"And It's not so much about the licking. It's about the journey."

I can definitely tell.

"Right. Once I make up my mind that I'm gonna go for it, my heart races and the journey begins. The adrenaline rush is a really good feeling. It's better than drugs."

All drugs?

"Don't do drugs kids. You don't have to lick either, but it's definitely better than drugs."

What about, like, really good cocaine? Is it better than that?

"Well, from what I hear...but it really is an adrenaline rush. My heart rate goes up to about 120bpm when I'm going after these targets. There's always that chance of someone following me or calling the cops. Or someone even doing something to me."


Doing something to you?

"These days, wearing a mask could be a little dangerous, so I tend to avoid targets like banks or buildings in the city, where something could happen to me. I pick targets that are isolated and hard to get to."

You've mentioned the 'rush' a couple of times. Is this an escape for you?

"Exactly. Licking reminds me of when I used to scuba dive - being in my own world, no one else around, just focusing on what I was doing. And I get that same feeling from going after my targets."


Licking Guy flexes on Skype

At the end of our Skype, Licking Guy briefly takes off his shades to prepare for another interview. It's an unexpected clue to the face behind the balaclava. Believe it or not, there's a chance we'd recognise him if he removed the whole disguise.

"This is not my first YouTube adventure. One of the reasons I keep this secret is because I'm a well known YouTuber with another popular channel. At this point, I'd rather not let my other fans know I'm Licking Guy."

Is this a secret side project?

"You could call it that. But it's something that I really enjoy doing. It's not just for the money."

So you're making money being Licking Guy?

"I am starting to make a little bit of money. Just a few bucks, nothing to brag about."

God bless America. What's next for Licking Guy?

"I'm going to continue licking until I can't lick anymore. Someday, I'll come to the UK and lick something."

We can't wait.

Check out Licking Guy's channel here.

Words by Jack Blocker

Featured image: YouTube

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An Interview With Licking Guy, The YouTube Hero Who Licks Stuff

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