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Boy Who Was Homeless For Years Cried As He Got His Own Bed

Boy Who Was Homeless For Years Cried As He Got His Own Bed

Eight-year-old Daeyrs from Detroit, Michigan shed tears of joy as he was surprised with his own fully furnished room including his own bed.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

When many kids no doubt wanted an expensive gizmo for Christmas, all one American boy wanted was a bed of his own. Now he's been snapped with tears of joy as he finally got his wish.


Credit: Humble Design/Caters

Eight-year-old Daeyrs, from Detroit, Michigan had spent most of his life living in homeless shelters after his mum Dionna lost her job, and sadly their home.

More recently the pair had moved into basic state housing but still had just a blow-up mattress and a few chairs, with Daeyrs sleeping in blankets on the floor.

Now a video has captured the moment a charity surprised them with a fully furnished home including Daeyrs' first ever bedroom. It's enough to make you well up.

The surprise had been arranged by a social worker handling the pair's case, after she contacted a charity called Humble Design who fully fitted out the new home.

Daeyrs was filmed beaming and shedding tears of joy when he was finally shown his room, complete with a bed, chairs, soft cushions, toys and an art set. Difficult not to feel made up for him, isn't it?

Humble Design/Caters News

The tear-jerking video, filmed on 20 December last year, shows Daeyrs and Dionna wandering around their new home in awe. It's a reminder of how many basic home comforts we take for granted.

The founder of Humble Design, Treger Strasberg, who oversaw the renovation of the home, said the charity had asked the pair exactly what they'd like in the house before making it reality.

"Seeing how much having a bed and his own room meant to Daeyrs, it really made me realise what's important in life and grateful for everything I have," Strasberg said.

"He was so excited to have his own room, but also so overwhelmed by what having this really means for him after all he's been through - to have a place to stay and just be a normal kid with no worries."

The charity completely furnished and decorated the house using donated furniture and goods from its warehouse, including the curtains on the window and kitchen appliances.

Humble Design/Caters News

Strasberg said that a stable home is 'life changing' for a family, and confirmed that the charity helped 169 families move out of homeless and abuse shelters last year.

"Now Daeyrs and Dionna have a place they can truly call home and everything can only go up from here," Strasberg added.

"We just want to wrap our arms around every family that needs us, and our goal is to ensure no child has to sleep on their floor."

It's fantastic to see that Daeyrs and Dionna have a house they can call home again. Now he can really be the man of the house.

Featured Image Credit: Humble Design/Caters News

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