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Teacher Banned Phones From Exam So Student Brought In A Record Player

Teacher Banned Phones From Exam So Student Brought In A Record Player

There's no doubt that exams are a stressful environment to be in; whether you've studied your ass off or not, you never know exactly what's going to be contained in the test and that can send the nerves sky high.


Surely, some of us would love to have our favourite tunes on hand to calm us down. Listening to a bit of Drake, or Adele, or Liam Gallagher or whoever tickles your fancy would be much nicer than the scribbling of pens on paper.

A Canadian teacher told his students that they couldn't bring in their phones for their physics exam to listen to music because they might try and look up answers - which is understandable.

But one student found a crafty way around this rule and brought an old school-looking record player into the classroom.

What. A. LAD.


Every student in the room had to put up a binder in front of their paper to prevent others from having a cheeky peep at their answers. But this particular student had his trusty record player up and was blasting Kanye West's The College Dropout to get him through the test - a nice choice, if I say so myself.

Not only that, but he also brought along Late Registration and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Vancouver teacher Eric Saueracker tells LADbible: "The students are in an AP Physics 1 class and for their midterm they had to do answer a couple of questions from previous exams.

"The answers to these exams are available online so the students couldn't have their phones out during the test. I joked that they could bring in a cassette or CD if they wanted music, when the student chimed in and asked if he could bring in a record player.

"Of course I thought he was just being a smart ass so I told him it was ok. Then lo and behold he brought the record player in, hooked up a 15-foot extension cord and rocked out to Kanye while he took the test.

"The amazing thing is that he tied for the second highest score in the class and aced the exam."

Eric posted the strange, yet brilliant move on Twitter, where it has gone absolutely viral. It's been liked, shared and commented on more than 800,000 times.

"The amount of activity has been pretty ridiculous," Eric tells us. "It used to be that when I googled my name I saw some of my other teaching accomplishments, but this has by far overshadowed them."

Featured Image Credit: Eric Saueracker/Twitter

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Teacher Banned Phones From Exam So Student Brought In A Record Player

Teacher Banned Phones From Exam So Student Brought In A Record Player

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