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Woman Finally Finds Out Who Her Dad Is 80 Years After She Was Abandoned

Woman Finally Finds Out Who Her Dad Is 80 Years After She Was Abandoned

Anthea Ring made headlines around the UK when she was discovered in a blackberry bush in southern England wearing a pink dress with her hands tied in front of her.

She was just nine months old when people on holiday happened to come across her by chance.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

There was no sign of her parents and she spent decades wondering who they were and why they abandoned her and essentially left her to die.


But, after a quarter of a century, the 81-year-old has finally got her answers.

Anthea only learned the people who raised her weren't her biological parents around her 20s, but it wasn't until she was in her mid-50s did she begin the painstaking task of looking for her real mum and dad.

She first went to a genealogist and got her DNA tested, which the results showing she was 92 percent Irish. Well that at least narrows it down. The next step was discovering there was a former convent school in Sompting that was linked to her heritage and Ms Ring thought her mum could be a former nun or student at the school.


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Before she found the identities of her mum and dad, her great-grandparents were found to have lived in Galway. That produced the last names Coyne and O'Donnell and Anthea called on people with those surnames to submit some DNA for cross-referencing.


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There were six Coyne brothers identified and they looked into letters sent from one of the boys to a relative in the 1990s. Incredibly, they found the saliva on the letter from the relative matched with Anthea.

Patrick Coyne was found to be her dad, who lived in County Mayo, Ireland, but died before this miraculously revelation.

Anthea is hoping that the news will lead to any of her long-lost family to come forward so that she might be able to make some connections.


"It would be wonderful to be reunited with my family, just to know who they are," she said.

"I am happily married with children and grandchildren but it is still a big mystery to me.

"I don't feel that my parents are alive any more, but the three things I would like to know is who they are, what my name was when I was born and where they are from.

"I do not need parents or a family if they aren't interested in me, and I don't want anything from them other than to know who they are. It's all about knowing who I am, my identity."

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