Lad Goes Viral After Sitting With Toddler So Her Mum Could Have A Break

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Lad Goes Viral After Sitting With Toddler So Her Mum Could Have A Break

In life, it's not always the big gestures that make a difference to the people around you. For example, has your housemate ever bought you a Maccies when you're hungover and can't move? In that moment, you realise how lucky and blessed you are to have this person in your life. They are everything.

For parents, looking after a whole other person can get pretty stressful. I've seen it with my friends who've got kids, they love them more than life itself but occasionally they're like... can they just have ten minutes to themselves?!

Luckily for mum, Katie Dee, she was given a little break so she could eat her food in peace by our latest LAD of the Week, Mark Quinn.


Katie went into Dough in Manchester for some food with her two-year-old daughter, Pixie. Mark was serving them and went out of his way to entertain Pixie in a small gesture of kindness that led to him going viral.

The restaurant was getting pretty busy, but Mark still made sure that he kept the two-year-old from getting bored by bringing her crayons, juice, and cutting her pizza into 'pixie-sized' pieces. Not only that, but he checked on her every ten minutes, and then sat with her to eat ice cream at the next table.

It may not seem like much, but this act meant so much to Katie that she documented the day via a Facebook status which, at the time of writing, has over 2,000 likes.


Speaking to TheLADbible, Mark explained: "Katie had come to meet a couple of friends and brought Pixie along with her. Pixie decided on the Micky Mouse pizza and I then brought her across crayons and a colouring book.

"Pixie insisted she be served by me so I went back over she asked me to cut her food up and then afterwards when her mum and friends' food arrived. I brought her ice cream and kept her entertained for a few minutes/no more than ten...

"I wouldn't say I did anything that my job didn't entail. It's all about going to extra mile for a customer and taking care of Pixie to give her mum that ten minutes of down time."

Katie posted pictures an a status explaining what happened and it quickly went viral.


It just goes to show that a little gesture of goodwill goes a long way. The story resonated with a lot of people with some commenting that time is a better gift than money. True dat.

So what made Mark go over? He explained: "I just took the initiative to just give her that time. Like I said, I kept getting requested to come back from Pixie! Cute really."


What a legend.

We want to showcase YOUR stories. What are you doing to benefit the community? Is your mate doing something awesome for someone else? Even if you're just helping your next door neighbour in the cold winter months - we want to know about it. Email us with your story - [email protected] and you could be featured next week.

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