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Lad Shaves Beard After Losing Bet To Girlfriend, Mum Doesn't Recognise Him In Supermarket

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Lad Shaves Beard After Losing Bet To Girlfriend, Mum Doesn't Recognise Him In Supermarket

Every single one of us has that mate with the massive beard. I was unlucky, I was that mate, which meant I had to deal with constant questions about when I was going to shave it off.

Dan Black is also that guy. He had grown his beard out for two years, and as you can see, it had become proper caveman, none of this ylang-ylang balmed, oiled and waxed hipster crap.

Despite always being asked when he was going to get rid of it, Dan was sure he would keep it for the foreseeable future.

"Me and the Mrs had joked about if she beat me in the Bath half marathon, I'd shave it off," Dan told us.


The bet was made but 27-year-old Dan was sure he'd be able to beat his other half when it finally came down to it.

"Little did I know running 13.1 miles was kind of a big deal. She beat me by about 15 minutes in the end."

Despite Dan's "male excuses" of a blood blister and stress fracture in his foot, he stuck to the bet and shaved it all off. In his own words, he became like "a 12-year-old boy."


"To be honest, she digs the beard and had never been with me without it. Now she massively regrets me getting it done."

Too right too, lad.

Anyway, Dan was off shopping down his local Sainsbury's with his new-found baby-face looking for some porridge when he bumped into his mum, Ali.


Only, his mum just didn't react at all...

"I thought to scare her or something. I wanted to get a reaction out of my mostly-chilled mother. I slowly got closer, picking things up right in front of her to see if I could get a reaction. She must have been thinking, 'who is this knobhead getting up in my grill?'

"She carried on tolerating me and actually made eye contact with me as she tried to escape. I followed and even asked her what meal I was holding to see if she'd recognise her son of 27 years but she had not even a hint of suspicion."

Dan's girlfriend filmed the whole thing for our enjoyment...


"It was only when my Mrs burst out laughing that she turned around and she clocked it was me."

Dan, a teacher, says his pupils still don't believe it's him and it must be a twin brother or something (he doesn't have one).

"I still feel naked without my beard, regardless of whether every man and his dog has jumped on the beard-bandwagon. I will be growing it back immediately regardless of how 'charming and handsome' it (my naked face) makes me."


Good decision, mate.

Words by George Pavlou

All images provided by Dan Black

Topics: Marathon, Bet

George Pavlou
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