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LADs Invite The Wealdstone Raider On A Stag Do To Barcelona

LADs Invite The Wealdstone Raider On A Stag Do To Barcelona

'He was more embarrassed than me'.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

A couple of years ago, Gordon Hill became an internet sensation when he got into one of the only two confrontations he's ever had in his life.

"I've only ever been in trouble twice, both against Whitehawk," explained Gordon. You'll know him better as the Wealdstone Raider - perhaps the most well-known fan of Wealdstone Football Club, or the man who infamously shouted 'You've got no fans' and blew up social media in doing so.

Recently, Gordon became a LAD again. This time on the stag do of 34-year-old James O'Connor in Barcelona.

The best man, Laurie Carey, told LADbible of his genius idea to bring the Wealdstone Raider to Spain with them.

Credit: Laurie Carey

"These days all these stag dos make it hard, you want to pull it out the bag and do something different, but I was struggling for ideas," Laurie said.

James selected Barcelona as the destination and, instantly, football came to mind. Laurie decided to dress him up in a Real Madrid shirt (Barca's fiercest rivals) with Luis Figo on the back (Barca's most hated player after his 2000 switch from the Catalan side to Madrid).

Then, after remembering a video of the Wealdstone Raider, Laurie got in touch with his manager, Paul Rumens - the president of Wealdstone FC. After reassuring the boss that they weren't a load of mischievous 20-somethings off to Maguluf, the Raider agreed to go.

"We sorted everything out," said Laurie. "I drove to pick him up in Harrow to break the ice. We had breakfast together, as we got to the airport he was getting mobbed for pictures.

"When the groom arrived, he had no idea. The Raider walked up to him saying, 'You want some?', another of his great phrases."

Credit: Laurie Carey

Then the antics began. Laurie said: "We handcuffed James to Gordon as soon as we got out of the airport. The picture went viral.

"We went to a restaurant and a club one night, and there's videos of Gordon dancing around with sparklers in his mouth.

"We also had a table at Café Del Mar for the festival. He was on people's shoulders and everyone was chanting his name."

The Wealdstone Raider added: "He [James] was more embarrassed than me at being handcuffed. We were handcuffed for about three hours whilst drinking around Barcelona.

"We were over there for four days, Thursday to Sunday. Ninety percent of it was drinking.

"It was a brilliant holiday, you couldn't ask to meet a nicer bunch of people to go with, it was wonderful.

"I didn't have any money, they paid for everything. We had such a good laugh, and every one of them was a gentleman."

The Wealdstone Raider may have been one of the smallest people in the group, but he was always the last to lie down.

Credit: Laurie Carey

"He was out until five or six every morning," laughed Laurie. "We took good care of him, he was a great sport, and was the last man standing most nights."

Although Gordon's handcuff memories end there, for the groom-to-be, it got worst. He was tied to the railings of Barcelona's Nou Camp stadium in his Real Madrid shirt.

"We handcuffed him and then went to a bar across the road to watch," said Laurie. "The security guards came and asked us to remove him, but we pretended not to have the key.

"After half an hour, they realised they were standard issue handcuffs and they could let him go.

"By that time James had already had a load of pictures, and received a lot of abuse for it."

Credit: Laurie Carey

Credit: Laurie Carey

President Paul, who sees his club sat in sixth tier of English football in the National League South, said that it's no surprise Gordon was so popular on the tour.

"He's got a massive heart and is always game for a laugh" he told LADbible. "Naturally, he likes a drink, so him and a stag do went together pretty well."

The LADs donated to the three charities that the club and Gordon support: a local autistic charity, a youth charity in Wealdstone, and Great Ormond Street Hospital - where Gordon spent some of his early years. To date, the Wealdstone Raider has raised well over £100,000.

The next step is promotion for his beloved Whitehawk, but before that there's the wedding in September, which, naturally, Gordon is invited to.

Laurie concluded: "It was one of those that could have gone badly wrong, but it was a great weekend, and what a guy. "

Featured Image Credit: Laurie Carey

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