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Lidl Just Started World Cup Beef With Aldi After Paddy Power Tweet

Lidl Just Started World Cup Beef With Aldi After Paddy Power Tweet

Now then shall we take a moment to discuss Sergio Ramos? He's a World Cup winner, a Euros winner, a multiple time Champions League winning captain and has so many La Liga's that it's become boring.

Not quite Waitrose, he's not classy enough, but certainly mixes with the big four, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's.


Otamendi, on the other hand, is clearly the type of person that would put you in a bin on your first day at school, or pull your pants down in assembly. He proved that when he booted a ball into Rakatic's face from less than a yard away.

In comparison to Ramos' achievements, he's won the top Argentine division, the Europa League, English League Cup, and the Premier League.

While not bad, he just doesn't match up, leaving him on the shelves of either Lidl or Aldi.


So when Paddy Power tweeted that Otamendi is a 'Lidl version' of Ramos they sort of had a point. But everyone knows they're playing with fire making a statement like that.

Because Lidl, quite understandably, weren't thrilled and replied with a correction for the bookmakers. And some correction it was.

Get the popcorn out guys because things are getting juicaaay.

It doesn't seem like Aldi have responded yet (did someone say shit houses?) but people are making sure they've seen the tweets.

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One user commented: "Come on @AldiUK you gonna take that?"

Another added: "What's the retort from @AldiUK then??? We are all waiting...?"

A third said: "Bantz from @LidlUK, where you at @AldiUK"

Let's not forget, this isn't the first time that the pair have had a public barney.

When the ultimate question was broached about which is better, Lidl or Aldi, they both had something to say. Both have their perks, but ultimately everyone prefers one or the other.

And Lidl replied:

Things went back and forth, Aldi 'respectfully' disagreed with their cheeky counterpart, a weird dance off was sort of arranged. And then M&S got involved. WTF.

We're expecting big things from this Twitter bants - don't disappoint us by not playing ball, Aldi. Because we know you've got it in you, little devils.

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