Woman Trades Hairpin For Cabin Through Series Of Crafty Swaps


Woman Trades Hairpin For Cabin Through Series Of Crafty Swaps

A woman in the US has managed to trade a hairpin for a cabin through a series of crafty swaps. Watch her discuss the impressive achievement here:


Demi Skipper, from San Francisco, began her Trade Me Project on Instagram and TikTok back in May, declaring: "Original item = 1 bobby pin. Follow along to watch me trade my way to a house."

Half a year and 25 swaps later, and the 29-year-old has managed to turn that bobby pin into a luxurious cabin.


Announcing the huge progress, she said: "After six months of trading a single bobby pin until I have a house, it finally happened.

"In my last trade, I traded a 2006 Mustang for a 2011 Jeep.

"I traded the Jeep for a brand new Wild Bound Tiny Cabin. The trade really is unbelievable."

Prior to this, her trade of chains has featured the likes of margarita glasses, a vacuum, an Apple TV, an Xbox one, limited-edition trainers, a MacBook Pro, a diamond necklace, a Peloton and three cars.


However, while the progress has clearly been remarkable, Demi has no plans to cease trading until she gets her hands on a house, and she is already looking for someone to trade her cabin with.

As well as amassing all kinds of stuff over the past six months, she's also earned herself a huge following too, with 4.6 million followers watching her progress on TikTok.

Reflecting on her journey on Instagram, Demi said: "Since May, Trade Me Project has been a hugeee part of my life (in addition to my full time job).


"I have spent so many hours researching, finding and making trades all to get to the final goal of the house.

"More importantly, I have been so so humbled by the number of positive comments and DMs from everyone following along and just wanted to say thank you to everyone in the Trade Me Project family, I could not do it without your support.

"So much love. Let's get this house."

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