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A Man Whose Car Was Vandalised For Inconsiderate Parking Says He'd Do it Again

A Man Whose Car Was Vandalised For Inconsiderate Parking Says He'd Do it Again

Leaving a note on someone's windshield when they've parked like a dickhead is one thing, but leaving your message in paint? Bit extreme, that.

Still, it doesn't seem to have phased a Scouser who recently found his new car vandalised after parking in a residential area near Manchester Airport.


Robert Soo, 38, has said that the paint that was shoved all over his car hasn't put him off doing the same thing again - pretty long way to go to avoid paying for airport parking.

Soo left his £13,000 Ford Fiesta on a residential street in Wythenshawe, near the airport, before jetting off on holiday to Scotland. When he returned, his shiny red car had the words 'NO PARKIN' painted right across the side.

The vandals had also punctured his tyres and thrown paint on the bonnet of the car.

Residents in the area are clearly getting sick of their streets being full of people who refuse to pay to park at the airport itself (to be fair, it is mad expensive).


Lownorth Road, where the incident occurred, is only about 500m from Manchester Airport.

Soo has said he was 'knocked sick' to find the damage that had been done to his car.

The Manchester Evening News reported that it's airport staff and holidaymakers who are filling up the residential area.

Robert was still off on his holiday when his mate saw his car on the news and sent him a photo.

Credit: GMP Wythenshawe
Credit: GMP Wythenshawe

He's defended his actions, saying, "This is a public place, I wasn't parked outside anyone's house, there were no double yellows and no permits required.

"I'd like to ask whoever did this who do you think you are? You may think you've done something good, but you've achieved nothing, just mindless vandalism.

"Next time, I'll just park on a different road."

Soo was formerly a firefighter in the area, so he knows it well, and chose to park there to avoid forking out some £70 for a week's parking in the airport's official carparks.

"I was just trying to keep costs down," he said. "What's happened is so frustrating - my friend can't tell if it's gloss or emulsion. I've just done what other people have done and do and now I'm facing the cost implications of this.

"I'm insured but it's going to be a headache. This was just mindless vandalism."

Robert's car was one of two on the street who received the same treatment.

Featured Image Credit: GMP Wythenshawe

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Daisy Jackson is a freelance writer, who has previously worked at Shortlist Media and Trinity Mirror. She has written about the Manchester terror attacks and appeared on BBC Five live to discuss the aftermath, as well as interviewing an orthopaedic surgeon in Syria.


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