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Elon Musk Hits Back At People Mocking Him For Contribution To Cave Rescue

Elon Musk Hits Back At People Mocking Him For Contribution To Cave Rescue

Elon Musk sent engineers to Thailand before going there himself to help build a submarine, now people have said it was 'not practical'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Everyone's grateful for a little help when it's most needed. Like when faced with the scenario in Thailand, where the 12 schoolboys and their football coach were trapped in a cave.

They've been saved now, as we all know, thanks to many heroes who helped in the rescue mission. One of them was Elon Musk.

He travelled out to the Tham Luang Nang Non cave system to help those in danger, who had been trapped for over two weeks. God loves a trier. But apparently some people don't because they slated his efforts to help.

And now the tech entrepreneur has had enough and hit back at the people who were mocking his attempts.

Musk, a multi-billionaire, sent engineers from his company to Thailand, then went there himself to help build a small, child-like submarine.

And after people began criticising him, Musk spoke out to explain how the reaction had 'shaken' his opinion of 'many people'.

He added: "We were asked to create a backup option & worked hard to do so. Checked with dive team many times to confirm it was worthwhile. Now it's there for anyone who needs it in future. Something's messed up if this is not a good thing."

He was responding to another Twitter user, who wrote: "The hatred being spewed about @elonmusk is ridiculous. Any engineer always needs a backup plan. He tried to help in the best way he knew how, and I commend him mightily for it."

Musk's submarine was dubbed 'not practical' for the task at hand by Narongsak Osatanakorn, who is the Governor of Chiang Rai province and head of the joint command centre coordinating the rescue.


When this news emerged, people agreed with Narongsak, who was probably being polite - but the people that followed weren't as nice. One said: "nice branding (propaganda) opportunity."

Another added: "Experimenting with deep sea dildos, innovation at its finest."

This does beg the question - what were all you complainers doing? We've got your back, Elon LAD.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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