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Gordon Ramsay Is Back Doing What He Does Best: Slagging Off People’s Food

Gordon Ramsay Is Back Doing What He Does Best: Slagging Off People’s Food

Gordon Ramsay has been a busy bloke over the last few months and clearly all those extra vocations have meant he hasn't been focusing on what everyone really loves: criticising people's food submissions on Twitter.

The Scottish born chef has been doing this for at least a year, but obviously he can't be doing it 24/7 as he also has to host a few TV shows, run a restaurant empire and investigate the cocaine trade.

Thankfully though, he hasn't ditched the social media activity altogether and has been slagging people here and there in 2018.

Here are the best ones.


Some people might have decided to try and be better in the kitchen as their New Year's Resolution and clearly they're giving it a red-hot go.

While you can't knock someone for trying, it's hard to escape the fact that a few of these submissions are fucking awful.


Ramsay wasn't happy with one person trying to claim chucking some M&S cod fillets into the oven was 'cooking', while another Twitter user's attempt at chicken fajitas were more like 'Chicken faj-shit-as'.

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The 51-year-old probably regrets ever asking people to submit their food creations because his inbox would be absolutely flooded with submissions. One woman wrote: "I've been sending this to you since Halloween. What do you think of my brother's Halloween themed pasta?"

To which Ramsay replied: "I've been trying to ignore it since last October."

But while he's notorious for telling budding young chefs to fuck off out of his kitchen, it was the fans that were criticising one of his meals. Shock, I know. He uploaded a photo of 'delicious American Wagyu Carpaccio with a deviled quail egg, puffed rice paper and truffle salsa'.

Sounds pretty decent, until you look at the way the beef was arranged.

Credit: Gordon Ramsay/Instagram
Credit: Gordon Ramsay/Instagram

He seemed proud of it, however others were quick to shut him down. Some said the raw meat didn't look particularly appetising, whereas other suggested you'd probably have to take out a small mortgage to pay for it.

But most people were talking about how the uncooked beef actually looked like a plate of vaginas.

"Are they pussies lined up?" asked one Instagram user, with another saying they looked like 'lady parts'.


"I can imagine if someone served that to Gordon on Kitchen Nightmares what he would have to say about it. And his references to women's bits," said a third person.

While it's certainly a much higher standard of cooking compared to the stuff he gets sent on Twitter, it just goes to show you that even Gordon Ramsay can create something that can be criticised.

Featured Image Credit: Kitchen Nightmares/Fox

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