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People Divided Over Clip Of Salt Bae Serving Pricey Steak At New London Restaurant

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People Divided Over Clip Of Salt Bae Serving Pricey Steak At New London Restaurant

People have been left divided after a clip started circulating of Salt Bae serving up one of his pricey steaks at his new London restaurant. You can see him in action here:


The celebrity chef opened his new eatery in Knightsbridge and not long after came under fire when people saw their astronomical bills.

In a new clip, posted on TikTok by @notorious_foodie, Salt Bae (real name Nusret Gökçe) can be seen slicing up a piece of meat before arranging it around a bone.


He then started ripping up a baguette which is places next to the meat on what we assume to be a hot place.

Credit: TikTok/notorious_foodie
Credit: TikTok/notorious_foodie
Credit: TikTok/notorious_foodie
Credit: TikTok/notorious_foodie

Then he turns to a pan and starts to swish the contents around with a little hip giggle (someone get this man on Strictly) before pouring what looks like hot butter all over the food.


As the butter begins to cook the meat, Salt Bae then performs his signature movement of sprinkling salt onto the dish - hitting it off his forearm in the process.

Notorious Foodie confirmed that the price for the meal was £180 which people thought was way too much.

Arguing that this is the price people choose to pay, they wrote: "Generally restaurants charge upwards of £80/100g - to be expected."

They then followed up with: "If they can afford it and choose to pay, who cares. Same with designer brands, £1,000 T-shirt from Hermes can be bought for £40, yet people pay."

Credit: TikTok/notorious_foodie
Credit: TikTok/notorious_foodie

People weren't convinced though, as one wrote: "And that will be £1500 pounds for some stale bread, a bone, some meat, melted butter and elbow salt."

Another added: "Just watching this cost me £790."

And a third commented: "Lost all respect for the guy after I saw those prices."


Someone else complained about how he was serving the food, explaining: "I'm an ex-chef and I wouldn't dream of handling raw meat then ripping bread without changing gloves or washing hands, but what do I know."

Notorious Foodie replied: "I mean it's steak, not chicken, so it's fine."

Another said: "Always clean a knife after sharpening it," something which Salt Bae seemed to fail to do...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/notorious_foodie

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Rebecca Shepherd
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