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Schoolboy Dresses Up As NWA Rapper Eazy-E For World Book Day

Schoolboy Dresses Up As NWA Rapper Eazy-E For World Book Day

'So what d'you want me to do? Express yourself!'

As anyone with kids will know, today is World Book Day.

While it passes by most folks, for parents and kids it's one of the most hilarious days of the school calendar.

It's when all the kids dress up as characters from their favourite books - some are pretty tenuous, some are simply not book characters, and some are downright genius.

With that in mind, 12-year-old Isaac Stevenson decided to turn up to his school in Staffordshire dressed as West Coast rapper and NWA founding member Eazy muthaf***in' E.


Whilst Eazy-E hasn't actually written any books, and died in 1995, he's actually one of the subjects of several books about the seminal West Coast rap group.

In this instance, it's Parental Discretion Is Advised, which makes his costume choice less questionable than some of the other efforts you'll see today.

Speaking of parental discretion, Isaac's dad Julian Stevenson told LADbible about why his son made this bizarre World Book Day choice.


He said: "Isaac gets obsessed with stuff. He's obsessed with BMXing, and he's obsessed with West Coast rap.

"He's got a brother who is 18 years old and they watched [NWA biopic] Straight Outta Compton, obviously he shouldn't have done because he was like 11 at the time, but it ended up with him getting really into Eazy-E.

"Nope, not Dre, which would have been cool, Eazy-E. He is totally obsessed with him."

Hey, as far as childhood obsessions go, this is a fairly cool one.


Julian continued: "He buys the stuff, he downloads all the stuff, but it was World Book Day, and even though he's never written a book, he's got a book about NWA so he wanted to go as Eazy-E.

"It's a book about NWA that we got him because he's obsessed and he wanted to know everything about them.

"You know, people go as Harry Potter, and he's just a character out of a book, whereas this book is about NWA, so we said yes."

Fair play, this kind of creativity should definitely be encouraged rather than snuffed out. Hell, more kids should get into gangsta rap. It can only be a good thing.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum

So, Isaac got to work on his costume, which - to address the elephant in the room - obviously treads a pretty fine line, given that Isaac's a white lad from Leek.

Luckily, he's managed to avoid the one gigantic pitfall. You have to admit, the finished costume is pretty damn impressive.

Julian explained: "He designed everything, he cut up an old Halloween wig and he's gone to school dressed like that.

"I'm off to London for the day, so his mum can deal with it all at the end of the day.

"I was egging him on like 'you'll be fine' knowing full well that his mum's going to have to deal with it."


"That's Isaac, he gets obsessed with stuff, he loves rap and he loves Eazy-E.

"If it had been Dre I'd have understood it, but it's always been Eazy-E."

Even though he didn't appear on that particular song, Eazy-E would more than likely have been on board with the sentiments of NWA's hit 'Express Yourself'.

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