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Budgey Smuggler Is Again Looking For Australia’s Most Original Rig

Budgey Smuggler Is Again Looking For Australia’s Most Original Rig

There are a few male swimwear manufacturers *cough AussieBum cough* which feature men who look like Greek gods in their advertisements. But Budgy Smuggler wants to turn that idea on its head and showcase the typical Aussie bloke, so the company's bringing back its incredible competition to find the country's 'most ordinary rig'.

The search is now on for a very specific type of dad bod - according to the Budgy Smuggler website, an applicant:

  • Should look like they could have been good at sport at some point in their life, although were most likely prevented via injury or robbed by selectors early in their career.
  • Must be capable of launching a child from their shoulders several metres in a swimming pool.
  • Should look like they can still run for a taxi and swing an axe.

Bonus points for likes/shares on social media as well as a description of the exceptional ordinariness of the person pictured. Meanwhile, a six-pack is an automatic disqualification.

They want guys to strip down to their favourite Budgy Smugglers and upload an image on social media with #OrdinaryRigAU and #BudgySmuggler. The competition is heating up with more than 110 posts already.

It's hard to argue with Jack Cook's submission, with a collection of videos showing him wearing the striped yellow and black budgies while cracking a whip, shooting plates with a pump-action shotgun, angle grinding with no protection and trying to hit a golf ball.


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Kody Wainwright's post includes a cricket bat, skin guards, a VB stubbie and a visor and says: "For the last few years my hair has been falling from my head to my chest and occasionally getting caught on my top lip, I now realise I'm not the young rooster I use to be so.... This is my bid for #budgysmugglers #OrdinaryRigAu."

Budgy Smuggler's mission statement is pretty endearing: "While this event seems like a complete pisstake, we are aiming to send the message that it's ok not to be a completely shredded Instagram blogger."

Dingo Dan won last year's competition, and Budgy Smuggler wanted to make sure the great people of Mt Isa, Queensland, knew who had the most ordinary rig.

Budgy Smuggler is even opening up the competition to the UK to keep our rivalry strong. It'll be called The Ashes of Ordinary, which will be held early next year where the three more ordinary rigs from Australia will compete against the best of the best in Britain.

To make it even better, the winner of that battle will receive an urn, which will contain the burnt remains of the swimsuits owned by the original top three from both countries.

Entries will close halfway through November, so you have a few more months to get into the right shape that they're looking for.

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