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Dad Builds His Daughters An Awesome Two-Storey Playhouse

Dad Builds His Daughters An Awesome Two-Storey Playhouse

He wanted to do something special.

For many of us, woodwork classes went as far as making a desk tidy or a wind-chime - never to be used again past the age of 16.

One American dad has managed to use his skills outside of the classroom though, creating an incredible playhouse for own his children.

Adam Boyd, 39, from Michigan, has constructed the two-storey Wendy-house for daughters, Avery, five, and Violet, two.

Credit: CNN

The house was never meant to get to the size that it did, but ambition got the better of him, and he's constructed something good enough to live in.

He told People Magazine: "I wanted to do something special, something they would be proud of and one day tell their friends that their dad built this for them.

"I got to a point where I just asked myself, 'why stop now?'"

The playhouse features a rock climbing wall, a slide, a chalkboard wall, bridge swings and a loft - it's literally better than most student houses.

Inside it has lighting, wooden floors, fluffy rugs and is decorated with pink and purple walls.

Credit: Flashes Of Life Photography

Credit: Flashes Of Life Photography

Adam, by day, is the owner of a residential remodelling business, ATB Building Inc, so it's fair to say he had a decent level of knowledge to begin with.

Think it's just for the kids though? Think again. Adam and his wife, Jennifer, go there just as much as their children.

Adam added: "My wife and I go out there with them almost all the time.

"[We] will order a pizza and Violet will deliver tea and French fries - there's been a lot of family fun."

Credit: Flashes Of Life Photography

Credit: Flashes Of Life Photography

He posted the pictures to the ATB Building Facebook page, with the caption: "Here is the playhouse I built for my daughters... I would love to do it again for another family to enjoy.

"I am absolutely blown away that this has gotten so much attention!"

The post has been liked more than 28,000 times, and shared almost twice over again.

From a playhouse to the real thing, maybe Adam's next project could be to build his next family home from scratch.

The Cooper family did just that for their Dorset home, after shipping the flatpack version over from Germany.

The six-bedroom home was built on the 52-acre piece of land they had purchased - at a cost of £1.2 million ($1.62m).

Featured Image Credit: Flashes Of Life Photography

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