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Best Friends Ditch Their 10th Birthday Parties To Raise Money For Cancer Research

Best Friends Ditch Their 10th Birthday Parties To Raise Money For Cancer Research

Rhome Pearce and his friend Ryley Bahara agreed together that they 'wanted to help others'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

When nine-year-olds Rhome Pearce and Ryley Bahara were having a conversation in school about their impending birthday parties, they did what many children probably wouldn't.

They decided between them that instead of celebrating their 10th birthdays with parties, they were going to raise money for people less fortunate than themselves.

Rhome Pearce and Ryley Bahara have signed up to do the kids Pretty Muddy for Cancer Research.
LADbible Exclusive

On top of that, the little LADs also asked family and friends to donate money to their chosen charity - Cancer Research - instead of getting them presents.

Rhome and Ryley, who are due to turn 10 on 26 July and 9 August respectively, will be taking part in the children's version of Pretty Muddy - an obstacle course designed for kids to climb over, crawl under, and charge through - all in the aid of beating cancer.

Rhome's proud mum Kirsty Pearce told LADbible: "Ryley and Rhome spoke to each other at school on 29 January. They were talking about their birthdays and said they wanted to help others this year instead of receiving themselves as they already have everything they need."

Rhome with his mum, Kirsty.
LADbible Exclusive

Kirsty, 35, was recovering from a hysterectomy after two abnormal smears at the time the boys came to their decision, so she was resting up in bed at the time.

She continued: "Ryley spoke to his mum who then phoned me, she said that she had been looking into charities with Ryley and cancer was the one they had decided on as they get to do the muddy race for life which they think will be fun.

"A few of my family members have had cancer and we've also lost a few to it and with me just having a hysterectomy, that was the charity they wanted to help."

Ryley and his mum Shelley.
LADbible Exclusive

Kirsty, who works for Sports Direct, went on: "I sat Rhome down and he said that he didn't just want to do the muddy run, but also instead of a party he wanted me to donate the cost of it to the charity, which will be £150.

"Ryley's mum, Shelley also said that Ryley wanted the same and that she is putting cost of a party in too. So between me, Shelley and the boys' dads Bob Bahara and Bradley Pearce, we will be donating a total of £300.

"We've set a target of £3,000 as this is a huge amount to help the cause and so far they have raised £707. The boys have also asked family members to donate instead of buying them presents."

Ryley (L) and Rhome (R).
LADbible Exclusive

Kirsty added: "When Rhome and Ryley said that they wanted to do this, me, Shelley, Bradley and Bob all felt so proud of them that they both selflessly decided to help others instead of thinking of themselves - and at such a young age too. It just shows that we've raised them right.

"I couldn't be any prouder, and the whole family and close friends are all so proud of them both."

To help Rhome and Ryley raise money for Cancer Research you can make a donation here.

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