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Guy Pranks His Mum By Nailing Christmas Tree To The Wall Sideways

Guy Pranks His Mum By Nailing Christmas Tree To The Wall Sideways

Well, he did say there wasn't enough space

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A guy decided to put a unique spin on the traditional Christmas tree when his mum asked him to put it up in their house by sticking it entirely to the wall on its side.

Callum Perrin was struggling to see how space could be created in the house for the festive foliage, so he decided that he'd play a little joke on his mum and stick it at a 90 degree angle out from the wall.

The final effect is, it's fair to say, bizarre.

Callum Perrin

Speaking to LADbible, Callum explained: "I've been saying for years that I'd never seen one just slapped on the wall sideways, so I took it upon myself to make it happen.

"I said to my mum years ago that I thought it'd be funny, but little did she know I'd actually go through with it.

"If I'm honest, I'm not usually this much of a prat, but the opportunity arose and I realised that It would actually be possible with a bit of creativity and a knife, candle and screwdriver

"I usually annoy my mum a bit for a joke but I've never done anything this stupid before."

He continued: "She came home from work as I'd finished putting the last baubles on - by the way, decorating a tree that's sideways is the most horrendously inconvenient and agonising thing I think I've ever done - I stood at the top of the stairs and said with a fat grin on my face 'I put the tree up, you're welcome'.

"She'd said previously that I had to put it up, despite me saying I didn't have the space in my room, which is what prompted me to put it on the wall in the first place."

Callum Perrin

As for his mum's reaction, she said simply called him a 't***' but agreed that it did actually look quite good.

So, that's where it has remained ever since.

As you might imagine, it's attracted quite a bit of attention from the neighbours, too.

Callum explained: "They saw me fumbling about with a tree on my shoulders.

"After a good 30 minutes of me going from my desk to the wall and back again, I'd finally got the tree on the wall and they started laughing and clapping as they spectated the whole process from start to finish."

Callum Perrin

"The next reaction was from my girlfriend who I was messaging while trying to put the tree up. She said 'you're an idiot, and I'm probably going to poke my eye out on that in the middle of the night'".

However, most of the reactions to this unusual Christmas prank have been positive, so maybe Callum might have started a new trend here.

We'll have to see what Christmas 2021 brings. After everything that has happened this year, you never know.

Featured Image Credit: Callum Perrin

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