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LAD Gets Huge Lewis Capaldi Tattoo On His Leg For Free

LAD Gets Huge Lewis Capaldi Tattoo On His Leg For Free

The massive piece took over seven hours to complete

There's being a fan, and then there's getting a huge, almost life-size tattoo of Lewis Capaldi's face on your leg.

One bloke decided that he was going to take the plunge with his first tat and that he wasn't going to do it by halves.

Luke Frederick, 20, decided it was time to get some Lewis-themed ink.

Luke well and truly went for it with his first tattoo.

Speaking to LADbible, Luke said: "I got the tattoo from a studio in Hull city centre. I had seen one of the tattooists actually advertise it on Facebook for free because it was a piece he really wanted to do.

"I decided to message to see if it was still available and lucky enough for me it was - I love Lewis Capaldi, his music and because he's a sound guy."

The huge piece took about seven hours to complete and shows Lewis with his trademark sunglasses on - if you follow him on social media, you'll know what I'm talking about here.

Luke got a huge Lewis Capaldi tattoo.

Farren Almeida, the artist behind the masterpiece, said: "I offered out the free tattoo mainly because portraits are what I do and I also love Lewis Capaldi."

And apparently, Lewis, who's currently on his huge, almost sold-out US tour, is a popular choice at the tattoo studio.

He added: "I've had a quite a lot of requests to do portraits of him, but I chose one lucky person to get it for free as a one-off."

If you've not seen Lewis's social media, then you must honestly have been living under a rock. The Scottish singer songwriter has nearly over 3.7 million followers on Instagram alone, thanks to his hilarious videos and photos.

Luke has no regrets about his tribute to Lewis.

Luke said: "The first I learnt about him was on Facebook and his videos. They had me in creases and I was confused when I heard he had music because he doesn't look the type but he's amazing.

"Most of my family and friends have took the p*** out of me and laughed about it but it doesn't bother me."

Other than Luke's family and friends, people seem to have been very supportive of the idea.

Farren added: "The reaction has been really good, had lots of people commenting on his Instagram telling him [Capaldi] about it and also on mine tagging him. So many people love Lewis, and his music, and everyone has loved the tattoo as well."

Luke says that he's got no regrets about getting the permanent portrait done, adding: "It's an awesome tattoo and he's a top LAD."

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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