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Lad Gets Tattoo Of Son's Date Of Birth But Gets Year Wrong

Lad Gets Tattoo Of Son's Date Of Birth But Gets Year Wrong

It was a nice thought though, wasn't it

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

When you become a parent, I've heard your whole world changes. Of course, there are the sleepless nights and the nappy changing, but all that disappears when you realise you've created a new life.

And what better way to celebrate the human you've just brought into the world than to get their date of birth tattooed on you?

Except one dad's lovely gesture to mark the birth of his son Archie went slightly wrong, when he accidentally got the wrong year inked on his arm - and didn't notice until he posted it on Facebook.

Gav and his little son Archie.

It all started when dad-of-three Gavin Sharples, 34, decided to book a tattoo with his fiancée, Samantha, who looks after their kids full time.

Samantha, 25, had decided to get a tattoo in memory of her late father, which Gavin said turned out perfectly and looked 'amazing'.

Gavin and fiancée Sam went to the appointment together.

But then things took a bit of a turn.

Speaking to LADbible, Gavin, who works in food distribution, said: "When we first booked the appointment I said I would like Archie's (my son) name and date of birth. At first, I got the year wrong and said 2019, but my fiancée corrected me and told them it's actually 2018.

"So we attended the appointment and Sam went first with no problems. It was me up next and the tattooist put a print on my arm and I said it looked perfect, not realising the year of birth was wrong.

"After the tattoo was finished, I still didn't notice."

Gav had made a terrible mistake.

After getting home, with his new ink all complete, Gav did what anyone would do, and shared his latest tattoo on social media.

He continued: "A few hours later I took a picture of the tattoo and posted it on Facebook, boasting about the new addition to my tattoos.

Gavin couldn't wait to show off his new ink...

"It was then a friend of mine commented on my post and said, 'Gav, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but wasn't Archie born in 2018?'"

Gav's realisation soon became clear.

It was then that Gav realised his mistake.

"I then looked at my arm. My face fell and my heart nearly fell out of my a***hole. I looked again and yes, it was the wrong bloody year.

"And that was it - my partner, friends and family all couldn't resist but laugh so hard they nearly passed out; my friends on Facebook have loved this but I cannot wait to have this corrected."

Although Gavin deleted the post in embarrassment, he says he can see the funny side now - but he's still made plans to get it changed.

He added: "The tattoo will be corrected as soon as its healed, so end of next week hopefully."

It's the thought that counts, Gav.

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