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Man Makes Citizen's Arrest Without Even Dropping His Cigarette

Man Makes Citizen's Arrest Without Even Dropping His Cigarette

A man has tackled a drunk guy who was trying to start fights in Borough Market

Daisy Jackson

Daisy Jackson

We have a new contender for the next James Bond, and it's this total stranger over here.

Nick MacMahon

This suave fella has made a citizen's arrest in London, and he did the whole thing without dropping his fag.

The end result is a glorious photo of our hero pinning a man to the floor while casually taking a drag on his cigarette.

We'll just refer to the leather jacket-clad champ as 'Harrison' from here on, because he looks exactly like Harrison Ford.

The photo, taken by photographer Nick MacMahon, has caused quite a stir since it was posted on Reddit with the title 'A very British citizen's arrest'.

Reports indicate that a guy was way too drunk and trying to start fights with people in the Borough Market Area. It's everyone's least favourite behaviour on a night out, but he'll soon be having his face ground into the pavement, so there's a happy ending.

Understandably tired of the man's antics, two witnesses - enter Harrison and friend - tackled the man and put a stop to the situation.

They were having lunch at a nearby tapas restaurant shortly before they flattened the man outside a pub.

MacMahon said that the drunk man had been hassling Harrison and his mate for money earlier in the afternoon.

Aerial view of Borough Market, London
Aerial view of Borough Market, London

"He was pretty drunk, walking around with a beer in hand," he said. "Maybe 15 minutes later I see a couple men holding him to the ground outside the pub."

"They let him go and tried to make him leave the market area but he kept hassling them, trying to start a fight. They were not in the mood and just wanted him gone."

Eventually, they pinned him again, MacMahon explained, making a citizen's arrest before they 'held him on the ground until the police came and took him away'.

And made sure he finished his fag while he was at it, too. Legend.

One Reddit user wrote: "That guy could be doing this while eating a steak bake which he's spilled onto his shirt, and he'd still look cool."

Some have asked who is the cooler man out of this guy and our fist-bumping bus driver from earlier in the week. There's a suggestion that the two should start a TV show, which is definitely worth looking into.

The police have been contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Nick MacMahon

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