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Stag Made To Dress Up As Flight Attendant And Collect Plane's Rubbish

Stag Made To Dress Up As Flight Attendant And Collect Plane's Rubbish

And of course, it was all caught on camera

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

The humble stag do; an excuse for people to humiliate their friends and behave in a way that they wouldn't normally even consider, let alone get away with.

One man's mates, mostly from Pulborough in West Sussex, decided that they would go full force with the tradition of diminishing the groom-to-be's dignity on his last pre-marriage party.

Not content with just making the stag dress up as a flight attendant, the gang, aged between 24 and 60 years old, decided that he had to make his outfit all the more authentic by helping the cabin crew collect rubbish from the other passengers on the flight.

James Chriss, 25, was all prepared for his last big do to Prague, and when he and his pals arrived at Gatwick Airport, he was presented with his much-anticipated airport outfit.

Obviously, you wouldn't even be able to class them as mates if they'd not filmed the whole thing, and the 16-strong group of stags didn't disappoint with their plan for the main man.

All the stag's mates were in on the plan.

James' best man Shane West, also 25, is the one who came up with the idea.

Speaking to LADbible, he said: "He found out he was wearing that outfit when he turned up for the bus journey to the airport. As it was for his stag do, he didn't have a choice - he was putting it on whether he liked it or not."

In the video, you can see poor James grafting for his holiday, going down the aisle of the EasyJet plane with a bin bag, helping out the rest of the cabin crew in his fetching get-up.

Shane said: "The rest of the plane loved it, they all took it really well and they all started getting involved and handing James their rubbish at the end of the flight!

"The EasyJet workers were really good too. They let him join in after we told him to and they were all laughing along too."

Everyone on board seems more than happy to be served by their new flight attendant. Even without professional training he seems to be able to pull off the role quite well, doesn't he? Looks dashing in his outfit too. Good work, LADs.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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