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Two Friends Turn Their Car Into A Mobile Golf Driving Range

Two Friends Turn Their Car Into A Mobile Golf Driving Range

Putting the 'driving' in driving range...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Two amateur golfers decided to take their passion on the road by turning a bog-standard car into a portable driving range. See for yourself - here's the video of them building it.

It's an odd idea, but a good one - a driving driving range. It's even got a tee on the roof made from artificial turf.

This whole bizarre creation is the brainchild of 27-year-old John Imrie and his mate Kurt, who is 31. They decided to transform their car after taking it on a long journey through Europe.

For that particular quest, they'd kitted out the vehicle specially, but upon their return they decided to create something - let's say - different...

Incidentally, they've got no special qualifications for this sort of thing. In fact, John works an admin job, and Kurt renovates flats for a living.

You have to admit, they've done a pretty damn good job.


John explained: "The idea came about when we were on a Road Trip around Europe. We had turned the car into a boy racer, we made it look utterly repulsive and took it around 12 countries in 11 days to film videos for our YouTube channel.

"We took some golf clubs with us and were always looking for places to tee off from. This was when we came up with the genius - or ridiculous - idea to turn the little car into a driving range."

Yeah, that seems like a perfectly normal impulse to have.


John continued: "With Kurt's job being what it is, he took the lead on the construction parts of the car, like the roof supports, and I took the lead on the mechanical aspects.

"The rest was a team effort. We have previously done a lot of work to this car and we are rapidly learning as we go a lot more than we knew before, learning how to change brakes, service the car and so on."

So, once you've got a car that has a golf tee on the top, what do you do with it?

The plan is that they'll take it on the road and head north, to the spiritual home of golf. The guys are thinking about hitting up Scotland's answer to Route 66, the North Coast 500.


That's a 500-mile scenic road that runs right across the top of Scotland. If you're gonna hit golf balls off the top of a car, that's the place to do it.

As you can imagine, cutting about in a car as unique as this one attracts a bit of attention.

John explained: "We have had no issues in the car so far and everyone who we have met along the way has found the car hilarious.

"It certainly gets some looks as it's driving down the road.

"We have hit a few wild balls in the countryside but would like to put this car to good use and may be contacting some golf courses, driving ranges and companies to see how we can use this car to encourage more people to pick up some golf clubs and have a bash!"


A noble cause, if ever there was one. Perhaps they can even improve their own game as they go. It sounds like they could use it.

John added: "Our golf game leaves a lot to be desired. Kurt doesn't play much at all and although I played golf from a very young age, I have not played in years."

Get stuck in, lads.

Featured Image Credit: Supplied

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