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Brit Who Tried To Foster Dog From Manchester In United States Feels Like 'Right Idiot'

Brit Who Tried To Foster Dog From Manchester In United States Feels Like 'Right Idiot'

Ah well, it was a nice gesture anyway

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A woman from Manchester, UK, was left feeling like a 'right idiot' after she erroneously tried to foster a dog from another city called Manchester - which just happened to be in the United States.

Holly Shortall recently moved to Cheadle, Greater Manchester, from Ireland - and she was delighted to learn that her landlord was happy for her to have a pet.

The 32-year-old hopped online and found the Manchester Animal Shelter site, where she completed a 'very long sign-up form'.

She made a right dog's dinner of the whole thing.
Kennedy News and Media

But it was only once the marketing manager tried to make a donation that she realised the error of her ways.

She said: "I'd just googled 'Foster A Dog In Manchester' and initially I was on the RSPCA website and Dog Trust [before finding the foster website].

"As I was filling out the form, I was wondering why they kept referring to 'back gardens' as 'back yards'. And after I filled out the form, I was looking at the website to see if they accepted donations and everything was in dollar signs.

"I was thinking, 'Why is everything in dollar signs when talking about money?' So I scrolled to the bottom of the website to see the address.

"It said 'Manchester, NH'. I'm from Dublin so I was thinking, 'Is Manchester part of a bigger borough region or something?' Because even New Hampshire sounds British, doesn't it?

"So then I googled it and realised it was next door to Massachusetts."


It wasn't meant to be.
Kennedy News and Media

Having filled out the aforementioned very long sign-up form, Holly was invited to a Zoom call to further discuss the dog-fostering process, which she of course had to back out of - with her tail between her legs, you might say.

She said: "I responded to that saying, 'I'm really sorry, I thought you guys were in the UK.' I had to retract my application to foster a dog.

"I'd obviously got caught up in the excitement - my landlord told us we could have a dog, and we just thought, 'Right, let's do this right now.'

"I just felt like a right idiot, there's literally nothing I can't get wrong. I've been baking bread before, and I'll go and check on it after an hour and realise I didn't turn the oven on in the first place."

Holly said the error was very on-brand for her.
Kennedy News and Media

It wasn't all for nothing though, as Holly picked up a lot during the process and is now reappraising the whole decision.

She said: "I did learn some stuff whilst I was reading about fostering. I learnt that it's not always the best thing for the dog's welfare.

"There aren't that many places in Manchester that have dogs for fostering at the moment, so we might have to revisit the whole thing really."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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