James Corden Duped By Wayne Lineker 'Old Man In Wetherspoons' Tweet

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James Corden Duped By Wayne Lineker 'Old Man In Wetherspoons' Tweet

James Corden appears to have made a right mug of himself, after mistaking a joke at Wayne Lineker's expense for a heartfelt message.

You may have seen earlier this week that a bloke in Wales made headlines after he bought a couple of pints for a 79-year-old who was unable to get served at a Spoons.

Well, since then people have been parodying the kind gesture, taking the message and plonking it next to photos of 59-year-old Wayne. See here:


This tweet in particular went viral and eventually ended up in the feed of Corden, who seemingly took it at face value and retweeted it with the caption: "This is such a lovely message."

The tweet no longer exists, but many people reported seeing it, so it looks like the Gavin & Stacey star clocked the error of his ways and took it down.

Safe to say, the woman who posted the viral tweet was extremely pleased with this outcome.


She wrote: "I think James Corden mistaking Big Wayne L for a genuine lonely old fella in Wetherspoons is my s***posting gold standard.

"I can't stop laughing at it.

"Might have to actually send Wayne 2 pints now."

Fair play to Wayne, he's taken it like a champ. Commenting on Corden's cock up, he said: "Hahaha dead."


He also shared another one of the memes, admitting it was 'quite funny'.

No doubt the 'old boy' who started this whole thing had no idea what the ramifications of his trip to The Ernest Willows would be - in fact, he's probably still unaware.

Mark Farrier bought the old gent two pints after he noticed he was unable to get served for 15 minutes.


He explained: "I just felt a bit sorry for him. He looked like he needed a bit of company.

"He looked like he'd polished his shoes and got a little bit dressed up. He said he'd been sitting in the house on his own.

"I could see him trying to get the attention of the waiter and he just flew past him a few times. He was just trying to get their attention and they were just bombing past.

"I saw him sitting there looking into space on his own. I left it for five minutes, so I said let's get him a pint."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Wayne Lineker

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