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Man Left With No Eyebrows After Applying Face Mask To Entire Face

Man Left With No Eyebrows After Applying Face Mask To Entire Face

A man was left crying out in pain and minus his eyebrows after he completely covered his face in a peel-off face mask, much to the amusement of his partner and daughter.

John Meechan, from Irvine, had asked his partner Tracy Dougall to help him slather on some of her blackhead removing face mask but when she refused he decided to give it a go himself. Big mistake.

Thirty-year-old John asked Tracy how to apply the mask but took her directions 'everywhere except your eyes' a little bit too literally and covered his entire face, including his lips and eyelids, with the super sticky mask.


When the time came to remove the mask, poor John quickly realised his mistake.

He called in Tracy and five-year-old daughter Paige to help, both of whom found the whole thing pretty hilarious.

The scaffolder told the Daily Record: "I asked Tracy to put one on and she said no so I thought, fine, I'll do it myself.

"She said everywhere except your eyes, so I put it everywhere except my eyes. How was I to know you weren't meant to put it on your eyebrows and lips?"


Lesson learnt the hard way, eh mate?

In the clip, Tracy can barely get her words out as she struggles to get the mask off, before telling him: "It's actually waxing them I swear to God."

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John replies: "I better have eyebrows."

While a clearly confused Tracy asks: "It's on your eyelid, why would you do that?"


At this point young Paige steps in to help remove the mask, warning her dad it's going to be painful.

Credit: Mirrorpix
Credit: Mirrorpix

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"You're going to rip my lip off," he tells her as she attempts to peel it from his lip.

"There must be a better way of taking this off? I'm in so much pain.


"I need a fag break and I don't even f***ing smoke."

John eventually managed to get the mask fully removed, but says he lost almost all the hair of his face in the process.

He added: "In the end I had to wash the rest of with roasting hot water and nearly scalded myself.

"There's a few hairs still left but not many. If this is what women have to go through to be beautiful, then I'll stick with being ugly."

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