People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Shocking Lockdown Haircuts

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The Castaway

Lockdown has presented all of us with an abundance of problems - the inaccessibility of professionally trained hairdressers being one of them. Given this predicament - and the fact that the outside world isn't really able to judge - many of us have decided to just embrace the situation, be that by pursuing the hairstyle we'd always dreamed of, or just allowing ourselves to look as s*** as possible. Above is yours truly modelling The Castaway (also known as the Charles Darwin), achieved after 100 days without crossing paths with the trimmer.

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The Half and Half

Save it for the pizza, is my advice. Comes into its own though if you need to stealthily evade a sticky situation. Simply face the other way and you may as well have disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

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The Boy Band Barnet

An extra degree of commitment is required for The Boy Band Barnet. You can't just simply let yourself go, like with The Castaway for example, you've got to get online and purchase dye. Although if you want to go for the fully authentic lockdown version, then you can simply use urine.

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The Long Back and Sides

Here we see an excellent example of the inverted short back and sides, or long back and sides. Military men have popularized the short back and sides, but it's a bit mainstream isn't it? What better way to respect your elders than by donning the classic ageing bloke barnet?

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The Patch

What is it? How did it get there? What does it mean? If you wanna be the biggest enigma in Asda, then The Patch is your only option.

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The Rooster

Brutal yet beautiful, The Rooster is a great choice for a well-balanced man. Not only because of its literal symmetry, but also because it shows you are the kind of fella who is willing to put time and effort into your appearance, while also being unafraid to shave right down to the bone and put a great big spiky ridge on your head. The only problem is you may end up inadvertently falling for the look, resulting in a heated argument with your other half when the barbers reopens.

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The Mohawk + Eyebrow Slit Maverick

To merge two classic looks like this is extremely daring. The mohawk has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in lockdown, while eyebrow slits haven't been this popular since that period when all the footballers had 'em, making them a must-have on the playground.

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The Boot Scraper

Don't you just want to run your welly through that tufted top?

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