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UFC Star Bryce Mitchell Gets Testicles 'Tangled' In Electric Drill

UFC Star Bryce Mitchell Gets Testicles 'Tangled' In Electric Drill

The 23-year-old undefeated UFC star shared the gory details of the DIY disaster

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Imagine the worst thing that could ever happen while you're doing a bit of DIY on a 20 foot ladder. Now, multiply it by about 15 and we present to you, Bryce Mitchell.

The undefeated UFC fighter has given his account of the disaster he had to contend with after an electric drill got tangled up with his testicles.

Facebook/Bryce Mitchell

The 23-year-old told how he 'ripped his nutsack in half' (NICE IMAGE, thanks Bryce) while carrying out some work on his house.

At least he'll be laying off the DIY for a while. Or at least we'd like to hope, for the sake of his limbs.

The Mirror have reported that he found himself in the danger zone when he popped the drill IN HIS POCKET as he held a board above his head.

Well, there you have it - he was practically asking for the drill to switch on and say hello to his scrotum (to which it definitely obliged).

After getting things a little 'tangled up', he said he had to switch the drill to reverse and hit the button again to 'untangle' them.

That's like being on fire and having to jump in another fire to put yourself out.

He explained that the gruesome injury would put him out of action for a while as he wouldn't want to risk taking a high-kick. We wouldn't want to risk walking never mind anything else.

Mitchell, aka 'Thug Nasty', was part of Daniel Cormier's team during The Ultimate Fighter 27.

When he posted about his injury on Facebook, people were quick to get back to him.

One said: "Sadly, I've had this same thing happen...twice. Bc yes, they can and will rip back open".

FFS, someone make it stop.


Another added: "I can't think of any puns that wouldn't make me look like a dick. Well, balls, it's like my brain's giving me the shaft. Think I'll just head out... But before I do, I'll at least say I hope you heal up quickly!"

And a third commented: "Wouldn't have happened if you would have been wearing the proper protective equipment!" Health and safety officer of the fucking year award goes to you mate."

But Mitchell wasn't all down in the dumps about his tragedy because when he revealed that he was most upset about ruining his 'good pair of boxers', a US underwear company vowed to sort him out with a few pairs. Because, every cloud...

And, let's face it - things could have been worse. He could have stood on a plug.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Bryce Mitchell

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