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Woman Accidentally Sends New Manager Animoji Of Her Asking For Chinese Takeaway

Woman Accidentally Sends New Manager Animoji Of Her Asking For Chinese Takeaway

She'd only known her boss for two days when she sent her the animoji

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A woman has been left with egg on her face after sending her new manager an animoji of her pleading for a Chinese takeaway.

Issie Carmody intended to send the pig animoji to her boyfriend, however, a slip of the thumb meant it ended up going straight to her new boss, who she had only met two days previously.

In the video, the 22-year-old repeatedly says the word 'Chinese' in a variety of daft voices (all the while with a pig face).

Realising the error of her ways, Miss Carmody, from Corsham, Wiltshire, shared the video on Facebook with the caption: "Guys I'm actually f***ing mortified... I recently got a new manager at my work, and I've known her for TWO days!

"I wanted to send my boyfriend an animoji of me as a pig saying that I wanted a Chinese... well... I've sent it to my new manager and it's the most idiotic video I have ever created."

The mortifying mishap unsurprisingly proved popular on social media, with the video viewed more than 800,000 times.

Issie's manager found the whole thing very funny.

Fortunately for Miss Carmody, her manager seemed to see the funny side too. Replying to an apologetic message, the manager said it was 'so funny' and said she hoped she got her Chinese takeaway.

Well, there's a happy ending to this story folks, 'cause Miss Carmody did indeed get her Chinese takeaway.

Issie with her Chinese she got the next day.
Issie Carmody

Speaking to LADbible, she said: "I realised my mistake soon after I sent it, my heart fell out of my a**. Sheer panic. Sweating. Instantly trying to correct myself through texting her multiple times.

"She's actually taken it really well, I have seen her since I made the mistake and we've had a good laugh about the whole thing. [I] honestly had no expectations of it to go big, just thought my friends would enjoy taking the p**s out of me.

"That was my first ever Animoji. But this mistake hasn't scarred me for life, so I will be sending more in the future.

"My other half did make up for it the next day with god's gift that is Chinese."

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Featured Image Credit: Issie Carmody

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