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Woman Gets Swallowed Up By Sofa Bed After Trying To Change Sheets

Woman Gets Swallowed Up By Sofa Bed After Trying To Change Sheets

A hilarious clip shows a woman being swallowed up by a sofa bed - they might look harmless, but anyone who has got on the wrong side of one knows only too well what a bloody nightmare they can be.

Dani Garland, 25, was eaten alive by the hungry sofa bed while attempting to make her friend Shay Stock's bed at the holiday park where they work.

The poor woman was only trying to do a favour for her mate and she ended up in this situation.


Shay was staying on site at Challaborough Bay Holiday Park, in Kingsbridge, Devon, last month when helpful Dani offered to make his bed for him - but no good deed goes unpunished and she quickly comes a cropper of the folding bed.

In the clip you can see Dani clamber on top of the mattress while she attempts to sort out the bedsheets, but then the entire thing folds up with Dani still inside.

Both Shay and Dani can be heard laughing their heads off, while absolutely no one rushes over to help.

It started off well. Credit: SWNS
It started off well. Credit: SWNS

Dani can be seen struggling to get free, but the clip cuts out before she does.

Thankfully, Dani is fine, but it looks as though the bed has seen better days.

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Shay, who works on the entertainment team at the park, said park supervisor Dani was not badly injured in the incident. He added: "She only hurt her foot a little bit."

I reckon Dani has definitely earned herself a spot on the entertainment team.


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When it comes to be caught on camera embarrassing yourself, Dani is not the first and she certainly won't be the last.

Over the weekend, Britain's Got Talent star Ashley Banjo shared a very funny fail he was subject to while attempting to film a clip for TikTok.

Posting on his Instagram page, the Dancing on Ice judge showed himself balancing two cans of soft drink on a ball before bouncing it on the ground.


As the cans bounce up, he and fellow Diversity star Perri Kiely caught one each and opened them. When done properly it looks pretty bloody cool.

However, what is definitely a lot less cool was one of their earlier attempts which saw one of the cans ping off and whack him in the balls. Ouch.

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