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Young Daughter Snitches On Her Dad After Mistakenly Thinking He Had A Bra In His Car

Mischa Pearlmen

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Young Daughter Snitches On Her Dad After Mistakenly Thinking He Had A Bra In His Car

Imagine the heart-in-the-mouth moment: you're sat happily with wife and young daughter when your daughter asks why there's a bra in your car.

And you and the wife both know it isn't hers.

Well, that was the situation one man, going by @AngryManTV on Twitter, found himself in recently.

His four-year-old daughter approached her mother and asked: "Mommy, why is your bra in daddy's car?"


We can only imagine the iciness of the death stare he must have received with both of them knowing she had not even been in his car for weeks.

Bowled over by the accusation - and by the non-existent loyalty of his young daughter - he protested his innocence and led his wife to the garage in an attempt to identify the source of the allegation.

And it was there, next to the gearstick, that he found it: his respiratory face-mask from work.


I imagine relieved is an understatement.

Taking to Twitter to voice the hilarious misunderstanding, he said: "All [my children] snitch. I'm well aware. Lil' ass detectives."

One commenter said: "Lmaoooo this man saw his life flashing before his eyes, guaranteed he was already thinking 'who on earth would frame/test me like this' on the way to the garage."


Many found humour in the man's misfortune.

Another added: "The good thing is, you know where her loyalties lies. The bad thing is, it's not with you. Keep your eyes on that one."

Others could relate to the child and her team mum priorities.


"Lmao I was mommy gang all the way as a child. My daddy couldn't breathe wrong around me," one person said.

Well, as it turns out, the kid's assumptions weren't totally unfounded.

According to Chemical and Engineering News, the breathing device used by manufacturing company 3M that the young girl mistook for a bra supposedly started out life in the 1960s as 'molded, nonwoven brassiere cups'.



Then, legend has it, the cups were repurposed as breathing masks without any need to drastically change the design.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

Topics: Viral, Twitter, Car, Community

Mischa Pearlmen
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